St. Francis Xavier – Building A Christ-first Network

Life is unpredictable and full of many twists and turns that at one minute we could feel as if everything is working out just fine for us and then unexpectedly in a blink of an eye a storm attacks us. In those stormy days, we are likely to feel hopeless, lost, defeated, and harbor the desire to give up. 

Today, St. Francis Xavier is calling upon you to establish a strong network with the creator so that in those times you have been put up to trials and challenges, his power and grace may grant you the strength to overcome and conquer. He is assuring you that creating a strong network with God by having strong faith and being a firm believer in everything He does will enhance effective communication between you and the creator as your prayer in faith will win all those battles against you for you.

Saint Francis Xavier is urging you to build a Christ-first network today and witness how your life will change for the better.

A Trustworthy Network Connection

It’s frustrating when the phone lines are not able to enhance effective communication due to poor network as a result of trusting a network communication company that offers poor services. Saint Francis Xavier is calling upon us to build a Christ-first network as he assures you that it is a trustworthy network connection that shall never fail you.

He is calling upon you to build your life on Christ and you shall observe how great life will be. Unlike the network companies that may fail you and serve you with poor network quality, when you choose to trust and have faith in God, you can rest assured that he shall deliver you from all that troubles you and that that seeks to destroy you. By establishing a Christ-first network, Saint Francis Xavier assures you that God will come through for you in every situation as He never fails those that have put their trust on him for he is a faithful God.

As life will always be full of challenges, Saint Francis Xavier assures you that securing a network with Christ will have you defeat all that comes against you. He urges you not to rely on your own strength and understanding when faced with troubles as you will get frustrated and more depressed rather on God who has a great purpose and plan for you.   

A Traffic Free Network

Saint Francis Xavier assures you that Christ- first based network is traffic free as unlike any other networks and servers, God is able to accommodate the needs and requests of each and every person for he is a powerful God. He urges you to be patient in God for though there are times you might feel that he has abandoned you due to the challenges in your life, you are called upon to have trust in the connection you have created with him for he shall never fail you.

He assures you that God is making you wait on his promises not because he is serving others first or attending to the needs of others on the basis of ‘first come first serve’ but because he has better plans for you that are best experienced in his own timing. 

Investing In The Christ-first Network

Just as you feed and invest on the phone lines by recharging them with airtimes to enhance effective communication as well as purchase Wi-fi for internet connection to ensure that you stay connected to the internet, the Saint patron Francis Xavier is calling upon you to recharge your network with God through consistently and persistent prayer to God.

He urges you to always ensure that the network between you and Christ is strong all through in the good and the bad times. He asks you to build an effective line of communication with God through your faith and prayer. He assures you to intercede for you in those times you feel too defeated to pray and keep you strong so that the network connection between you and God is effectively strong especially in the dark times.

Increasing Your Network Coverage

Saint Francis Xavier is calling upon you to spread your faith to other people by extending your network with Christ to other people. He urges you to connect with other devotees in spreading and communicating the word of God to other people. He is asking you to make a faith transfer to other people by increasing your Christ network coverage. He urges you to be a reflection of the love God has given to you to others by loving them and supporting them as God has you.

Build a team with other ministers of the word of God and preach how great it is to build a Christ-first network for it is a connection that never fails. He asks you to be a witness of the goodness that comes from having a strong network with God and bring others to enjoy the same with God. He asks you to spread love and joy to each and every person and be accommodating to all be it a believer or a non-believer. Saint Francis Xavier assures you of his guidance and protection as you increase and extend your network coverage to other people. 

Prayer To Saint Francis Xavier.

“Dear patron Saint Francis Xavier,

I am grateful for guiding me and enriching me with the knowledge needed to have a strong network with Christ.

I pray that you may give me the strength and power to endure and conquer all that threatens to weaken my connection to thee.

That I may be able to spread faith, joy, and love to all as I increase my network coverage with my fellow ministers.

That you may give us the spirit of endurance in the face of persecution in our mission to network other people with God.

I trust in your intercession that I may be able to maintain a strong network to Christ regardless of life circumstances.”


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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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