St. Raphael – Provider of Your Medical Needs

St. Raphael the healer has come today to bestow upon you healing and growth.

There are many people that seem healthy on the outside, yet suffer from deep rooted health issues and undiscovered illnesses. What most don’t realize is that we have unattended spiritual medical needs that we oftentimes fail to acknowledge.

Such weaknesses are often times more pervasive and can lead to even worse physical issues. Today let us take some time to reflect on how we can keep our spiritual well-being healthy and steadfast.

No matter how much we try to cover our wounds and hide our pain, Saint Raphael, the patron saint of healing sees it all and he is calling upon us to accept his provision for our spiritual medical needs. 

There are various spiritual medical conditions that we suffer and the most common include but not limited to:

  • Lack of Faith Syndrome – This is a condition where the patient fails to trust and submit fully to God his creator. The most common symptom of this medical condition is that the patient begins to question God for unanswered prayers and fails to acknowledge that God has his own schedule and time to handle everything according to his will.  
  • Hypocrisy Virus – This is a common virus that spreads among christians where the patients pretend to be staunch believers yet their actions are different from their words. They pretend to love God yet they have unmatched hatred for their neighbors. 

The provider of our medical needs appeals to us to accept when we are wounded and sick so that we may receive treatment from him. 

Heal Your Wounds

Once we accept that we are wounded and we stop hiding our spiritual medical needs, then we are ready to have the patron saint of healing come into our life to heal us. Healing can never occur if we fail to acknowledge our illness and be ready to begin spiritual treatment. Sometimes the reason we fail to acknowledge that we are in need of spiritual medical needs is because we think that our wounds are too deep to be healed, thus we feel that there is no hope for us. 

We get to begin the healing process by acknowledging that we are sinners and repenting our sins. Repentance is not just a mere act of confessing out loud the sins that we have committed but it is a soul-searching process where one has to get into deep thought about their actions and the impact of those actions towards God as well as other people.

Once we understand the implications of our sins, we make a resolve not to commit such actions again and pray that God grants us the grace to keep from near occasions of sin. If we have wronged others, the healing process involves seeking forgiveness from them and making resolutions that will enable us not to acquire the same wound again. 

Take Refuge

Just as we run towards buildings when it rains to take refuge, we are called upon to take refuge in God whenever we are faced by the storms of spiritual illnesses for he is our eternal healer. When we take refuge in God, we are assured that no matter the number of outbreaks that occur or the viciousness of the spiritual virus variants, no harm will befall us for in him nothing bad can happen to us. 

Like the prodigal son in the bible, many are the times we get spiritually ill yet our father who is God has all the medical supplies capable of restoring us back to health. We distance ourselves from him yet he is the only refuge and solution in our life that we need. Saint Raphael is pleading with us today to let go of any fear of rejection that we harbor for God can never abandon us.

Even when he appears to be angry at us for running away from him, his unending love for us exceeds the anger. We would rather be under his wing as slaves rather than been far away from him for he is the only refuge we can go to when we feel the need to consult a spiritual medical practioneer. 

Prayer To Saint Raphael

“O patron saint of healing, I have hidden my wounds too deep and consoled myself that I can handle it all yet it seems as though I am wearing out.

I plead with you to grant me healing for you are the provider of all my medical needs.

You are the solution to my long-term spiritual illness and I beseech thee to intercede for me that God may accept me back under his wing where I intend to take refuge forever.”

Amen 🙏

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