St. Barbara – Long Awaited Conference Call

Beloved child of God, wait! Are you tired of waiting for the heavens to answer your call?

Do you feel as if God has abandoned you because you have not heard from him? Are you devastated because the heavens have been silent to your pleas and ignored your tears?

A message of hope is brought to you today by St. Barbara who is informing you that your waiting period is over. The days of sorrow have been brought to an end. Wipe away your tears for the heavens have heard you and they are ready to place you on the heavenly conference call that you have been waiting for.

Sometimes we cry to God and we are very hopeful that he will hear our pleas and answer us because we have the assurance that he is our father. We pray with the expectation that God will open the closed doors in our lives and we affirm his words in the book of 1 John 5:15 that, “If we know that he hears us – whatever we ask – we know that we have what we asked of him.”

We are confident in his word thus when the heavens become silent on us, we are most likely to be devastated and seek other alternatives.

Better Communication

To enhance a better communication between God and us, we ought to recognize him with our spiritual eyes. When the two disciples of Jesus were walking to Emmaus, they walked with Christ and even engaged with him in a conversation where he was the topic yet they did not recognize him.

It is interesting how they even wondered where he was from if he had not heard about the mystery of resurrection. How many times do we walk with Christ in our lives yet we do not recognize him? How many times does God bless us yet we do not acknowledge him as the source?

Saint Barbara is revealing to you that God desires that you should turn your heart to him fully and communicate with him better through praying in faith. Whenever we pray in faith, we invoke the holy spirit who intercedes for us and presents our petitions to the heavenly hosts.

Whenever you pray on connect on a conference call with the heavenly team, take advantage of that moment and pour out your heart. If you have been having unresolved cases and unanswered questions in your life, it is during the conference call that you should present those grievances.

Get Help From Your Heavenly Guides

In moments of despair we are often alone and most of the time we ,unfortunately, let loneliness take control of us yet we have the heavenly guides ready to come to our aid.

Just as the bible affirms in Revelation 3:20 that God stands at our doors and knocks and if anyone hears his voice, and opens the door, he will come in and dine with them; sometimes we do not hear him calling us. There are times when God sends us a request to join his conference call yet we do not receive the request simply because we have locked out the heavenly guides from accessing us.

When this happens, we tend to conclude that God has abandoned us and our faith in him wavers. By doing this we end up shutting the blessings of God from getting to us. 

Saint Barbara is challenging you today to soften your heart and allow yourself to receive help from the heavenly guides. If you let in the angels and saints into your life, you are assured that you will not miss out on any request to join God’s conference call for they will send you notifications.

Before any conference meeting, the heavenly guides will guide you on what to present during the call thus you will not panic. In our daily lives, sometimes we often think that we do not need any help, yet those who accept help from the heavenly guides are able to lead an admirable life that is full of God’s blessings. Cease placing too much hope on humans but instead allow the angels and saints to help you to maintain a good relationship with your God. 

A Prayer For St. Barbara’s Intercession

“Dear Saint Barbara, the Great Martyr, I thank you for bringing me the message of hope today in my life.

I have been waiting for the heavenly conference call for a long time and I almost thought that the heavens had blocked me.

Whenever I miss out on the invitation to join the conference call, please send me a notification to join.

I pray that you may intercede for me that the heavens may always favor me in thought, deeds and actions.”

Amen 🙏

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