St. Damian – Focus On Health

We all pray for health & wellness, especially in our later years but how often do we really focus on getting healthy?

We all know that adopting a healthy lifestyle isn’t the easiest to do, but for the sake of a greater end goal we are willing to sacrifice and put in the work.

Blessed Damian’s message of the day is that whilst our health is important, so too is our spiritual health that draws us closer to God. In order to be truly “healthy” in life, all aspects of physical, mental and spiritual health most be aligned.

Staying Healthy

God is the giver of good health and so we should find ways in which we can maintain our relationship with him rather than just physical health. In only our strength we will not make it far enough compared to if we were with our creator.

Saint Damian is here today to pass you a message on the importance of prioritizing God in your schedules for you to maintain your relationship with him. You can achieve this by praying, reading his word, accepting his forgiveness for your sins as well as listening to his voice.

One who keeps and aims to strengthen this relationship is better than one who only works out for them to stay healthy. God doesn’t have any bad intentions for you hence in him you will always stay healthy. One who is a Christian and lives a spiritually vital life allowing God’s will to be done in their lives, is the one known to live a life that is truly healthy. 

An Active Lifestyle 

Consistency is vital when it comes to maintaining a good healthy lifestyle. Equally, for you to grow in spirituality you need to be active in the time you set aside for God.

Majority of people go to Christ only when we need help and then disappear to our old life once our prayers are answered. Such behavior does not provide the proper avenue for spiritual growth. Keeping consistent to spirituality means that we are honest to God and in return he will shower us with his immense blessings. It shows that we are thriving as followers of Christ.

The same way you would fall sick if you regularly did what the doctors have warned you against, so to would we be at risk of suffering and getting cut off if we neglect the word of God in our lives.

Make God your first priority whether you are living through good or bad moments. Let us be inspired in maintaining an unbroken fellowship with God at all times which will advantage us by receiving blessings that will last forever. Constantly reaching him through prayer and reading his word is key in keeping active your relationship with him which grows your spirituality.

Feed Your Faith

Consuming a balanced diet is part of staying healthy. When one is fond of eating the so-called unhealthy foods, they risk catching diseases. Consequently, we live by faith hoping that our days will yield the best and that we will see another day.

As days pass if we get affected by the challenges we are facing, then we need to look at our faith in God. Faith is weakened when we do not feed it regularly. When we frequently read the word of God, we are feeding our faith which makes it stronger.

Similar to how you would starve if you didn’t feed, is the same as how your faith starves and weakens when you do not feed it. Such moments make you find it hard to resist sin, worship and even trust him.

The bible says that faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of Christ. You should aim at confiding in God despite the levels of your faith. Therefore, take time to memorize at least a verse a day for by doing so, you are feeding your faith which will strengthen you when life takes a turn for the worst.

Not only do you memorize a verse but also put into practice what it says. When you feed your faith well, it will help you overcome doubts that arise of whether God is able to take you out of a certain situation. 

Involve God in Your Plans 

For one to stay healthy, they make plans on the dos and don’ts. Some of these plans fail because we do not seek someone who has the capability of ensuring that they are fulfilled- God.
Our creator is entitled to know every single plan we make because he created us and knows of them before we even tell him. Anyone who shares their plans with the Lord, succeeds. You will be helped to fulfill the plans you have made on accomplishing a healthy diet. If he sees that your plans will cause danger to you, he averts them from accomplishment. 

Purpose to commit to your creator with whatever you do even though you think that it is a small thing requiring no attention. As much as you make plans for yourselves, the saint makes you aware that God has better plans for you to prosper and have a great future.

You should make it known to God your plans through prayers and regularly talking to him. He will direct your thoughts and bless your plans. It will reduce the stress of having to think of whether your plans will flourish. He will guide, instruct and teach you in the way you should go if your plans are not in alignment with his plans.

Prayer to Saint Damian

“Dear saint Damian, I am delighted for you, impacting me with knowledge on what I should do to grow my spirituality.

I have been enlightened on how to always maintain our relationship with my creator.

Those moments I fail to feed my faith well enough as you have revealed to us, I ask that you may be by my side to help me restore it.


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