St. Martin de Porres – Take a Stand for Social Justice

Beloved children of God, In our world, where inequalities persist and shadows of oppression linger, there stands an unyielding beacon of hope – the call for justice that emanates from the Gospel. It is a call I intimately understood during my time on earth, as I dedicated my life to the service of the sick and the poor in Lima.

Christ’s teachings, emphasizing love and compassion, compel us to extend our hands and hearts to those in need, to challenge systems that perpetuate suffering, and to be bearers of His merciful love. As one of God’s chosen, you too are called to take a stand in the glory of God.

God’s Justice Lives In You

Central to our Christian faith is a firm mandate for justice that comes from the Lord. The teachings of Christ are the laws of the Church that we not only seek to follow, but also uphold in our lives. Jesus emphasized the importance of compassion, empathy and a strong commitment to uplifting the marginalized and poor.

When we reflect on the teachings of the Lord and come into agreement with His will, do we simply acknowledge these and carry on our lives however we see fit, do we we truly endeavor to manifest these principles into reality? What use is faith without translating into action?

Remember the parable of the good Samaritan where a bunch of supposedly “devout” people passed on by without a thought to help the poor man who had been attacked and beaten. Save for the one Samaritan who put action into his believes and offered help and benevolence to the man. This parable captures the essence behind our call to social justice, and to emphasis our responsibility of engaging with the struggles of others.

Breaking Down the Barriers of Indifference

Throughout history, Christians have risen to the clarion call of justice. I think back to the nascent Christian communities in the Roman Empire, characterized by an inclusivity that dissolved the very boundaries which society deemed unbreakable. This spirit of compassion birthed actions that gave hope to the persecuted, sustenance to the hungry, and solace to the sick.

The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ provides an immutable foundation for our commitment to justice. He taught us through stories like the Good Samaritan, not merely to see suffering but to act upon it, breaking barriers of indifference. He also introduced us to the profound concept of ‘shalom’, a vision of holistic peace, urging us to not just witness the world’s brokenness but to actively participate in its mending.

Heeding the Call of Justice

Though the road to justice is fraught with trials and complexities, the diversity within the Christian family offers an opportunity. By sharing stories, understanding varied perspectives, and binding wounds, we can paint a mosaic of hope and resilience. Christian hope – the belief in the resurrection of broken systems and spirits – is the lantern guiding us through the darkest tunnels.

Social Justice does not mean that we need to pick up signs and start protesting in the streets. It is simply about campaigning for the good of others, founded by the unshakeable love and guidance that flows from the Lord. It should never just be about protesting something you disagree with, or spreading more anger and hatred with others. God wants every deed that we undertake to come from a place of love. For only then can we truly achieve greatness in His name.

Children of God, in this age of strife, the urgency for believers to stand united for justice has never been greater. As I once served the needy in the streets of Lima, so too are you called to serve in your unique contexts. Embrace the legacy of love left by those who walked before you, and anchored in hope, be the instruments of justice and peace in a world thirsting for God’s mercy.

Prayer for St. Martin de Porres’ Intercession

St. Martin de Porres, humble servant of God and beacon of compassion,
You who once walked among us, tending to the wounded and the forgotten,
We invoke your intercession in these times of challenge and discord.

Grant us the courage, dear St. Martin,
To stand firm in the face of adversity,
To be voices for the voiceless and strength for the weak.
Inspire us with the same fervor you possessed,
To serve without counting the cost and to love without boundaries.

As you reached across divides and mended broken spirits,
Help us bridge the chasms that separate us from our brethren.
May we see, in each face, the very image of our Creator,
And recognize the sanctity of every life, every story.

In moments of doubt, when the weight of the world bears heavily upon us,
Remind us of God’s unending mercy and His promise of justice.
Encourage us to be instruments of His peace,
And advocates for a world where love overpowers hatred, and hope overcomes despair.

Through your intercession, St. Martin,
May we be fortified in our resolve,
And unwavering in our commitment to uphold God’s justice in the world.

In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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