St. Paul – Your Contract with Christ

While we do not see God physically, we are always in a relationship with him. We believe that he is our father and we are his children yet we have never met him physically.

We even go to the extent of worshiping him all our lives and getting into many contracts with him. Faith is the ultimate insurance that ensures that our contract with God remains valid. 

Saint Paul is appearing to us this day to inform us that it is only by faith that we can get to be partakers in the kingdom of God. Even though God has promised to bless us, enlarge our territories and give us dominion over our enemies, we are tasked with the responsibility of having faith that all that he has promised will come to pass.

In the bible, God promised Abraham that he would give him descendants equivalent to the stars in the sky at night yet he was old and his wife was beyond the child-bearing age during that time. While that promise seemed humanly impossible, Abraham trusted that promise and through his faith, he insured that contract with God. Like Abraham, we need to have faith in God even when things seem impossible for nothing is impossible with him. 

Your Family Will Be Protected

When the people we love are in danger, it tends to put us in a difficult situation as we lack peace of mind. As a parent, if your child happens to fall ill, you automatically become too disturbed and it takes a great toll on you too. This is the reason we tend to insure our family members to ensure that they are well taken care of even when we are not around them anymore. Insuring them is our mere expression of love and it gives us the peace that they do not suffer. 

As children of God, the heavenly insurance agents who are the angels and saints are appealing to us to insure ourselves and our loved ones by having faith in God. When we have faith, we let God take control of our entire lives. When Abraham was tested by God to sacrifice his only son Isaac, he did not question or complain to God.

It was a test of faith that he passed and the result was that through his faith he insured his life contract with God. If you are in the same situation, would you have such faith? Would you seek to protect your family and disobey God? Today we are reminded that through faith we are able to protect those that we love. 

Signing The Contract

Once we get into a deal with God, signing the contract is the final stage which involves repenting and resolving to stay away from our sins. Like any other contract, the terms and conditions include; reflecting on our lives and finding the weak points that tempt us to sin, repenting our sins, and finally resolving to stay away from the path that leads to sin as well as sin itself.

Although we sign the contract, our faith in God is the signature that binds the contract for even though we promise not to sin again, we ought to have faith that it is only possible through God’s grace for he has promised that it is sufficient for us. 

Saint Paul is reminding us that we are redeemed as children of God and we have become acceptable in his kingdom for the death of Jesus on the cross was the sacrifice that sealed the contract between God and humans. Through his stripes, we are healed and the blood of Jesus was the stamp that verified the contract as valid. For this reason, we ought to live as children of the kingdom and exhibit our faith in God through our words and actions.

Anytime you feel as if you are breaking your contract with God, you can seek the intercession of your angels and saints and they will help you in the restoration and renewal. 

Prayer To Saint Paul

“Dear Saint Paul, thank you for coming into my life and revealing to me the mysteries and the wonders of God.

I pray that you may increase my faith in God so that I may never break the contract and the strong relationship that I have with my creator.

Help me and come to my aid whenever my faith declines.”


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