Virgin Mary – Your Storm is Over, God is Bringing New Change Into Your Life

Do you ever feel like God has abandoned you? Have you been questioning yourself on whether there is something wrong that you have ever done to make you deserve the troubles you are going through?

Sometimes life pushes us to the core and we become weak. We fall down and become broken without any hope for recovery. When we are in such situations, it becomes so easy for us to fall into depression because we feel like that is the end of the road for us.

Today the Blessed Virgin appears to you with a resounding message of hope. She comes to remind us that even in our moments of tribulations, we are not alone. No matter how abandoned we feel, God is always with us and ready to rescue us. Most times we pray to God to get us out of certain situations and we become frustrated when he does not answer our prayers.

You may even get frustrated thinking that He is blind to our suffering and deaf to our pleading. Today we are reminded that God never abandons us. When we feel like he is not answering our prayers it is because his response is in our best interests. Sometimes the right answer isn’t a simple Yes or No. Whatever the response, he knows what is best for us at any stage in our lives thus we are called upon to place our trust in him entirely.

Clinging Onto Faith in Moments of Disaster

Isaiah 43:2-3 declares that when we pass through the waters, God will be with us, and the rivers shall not overflow and to drown those protected in His name. This verse is not a mere poetic display of words strung together, but a promise that the Lord shall uphold.

When we walk through the fire, we shall not be burned and the flame shall not scorch us for he is the Lord our God. Life will not always be a smooth ride for it is a journey filled with many storms. There are instances in life when disaster will strike and your heart will be filled with fear. We are encouraged to trust in God in those moments of disaster even when we are afraid that the waves may drown us.

Our Lady is reminding us that faith in God is our armour when disaster strikes. We are called upon to leave our doubts behind and trust fully in the Lord. Sometimes as humans it becomes difficult to cling onto our faith in moments of suffering. The devil plants deceit into our hearts and makes us believe that God has abandoned us thus we may easily lose hope. In reality, God is always with us even in moments of disaster thus we are encouraged to have faith in him. We ought to believe that he is present even when we cannot see him or sense his presence near us.  

The Promise of Recovery

Most times when we have suffered a disaster, we tend to lose hope in restoration. We tend to give up very easily and it doesn’t occur to us that we can recover and achieve a higher state that we were in. Jeremiah 30:17 states, “I will restore you to health and heal your wounds, declares the Lord.” This is a reminder that no matter the intensity of wounds we suffer when a disaster strikes, the Lord does not abandon us. We remain dear to him and he will always pick us up, dust us. Heal our wounds and give us the energy to go on and become better than we were yesterday. 

Today Our Lady is reminding us that God has promised us restoration. No matter the loss we suffer, we shall be restored when the time is right with him. We are called upon to hold unto our faith when disaster strikes and remain patient for God has given us the promise of recovery. Whether you are in a situation  where the storms of life are drowning you and you are about to let go, today you are called upon to hold a little bit longer. Stand firmly in faith with the conviction that God has not abandoned you and recovery is on your path.

Our Lady appears today to inform you that your time to suffer has come to an end. She is the bearer of good news and she bears the message that God is bringing new change into your life. It is time to prepare for a new season because your storm is finally over. You are called upon to cling unto faith in your days of disaster and hold unto the promise of recovery for God has great plans over your life. 

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