St. Rose of Lima – Making Regular Payments

The beauty of being alive is the myriad of dreams and goals that we are working to achieve, day in and day out.

We invest our time, effort and money in various pursuits for the sake of accomplishing things that we set our mind to.

Some people invest their entire lives seeking education for they believe in continuous learning as the source of knowledge.

Others invest their time seeking financial gains, they believe that with wealth comes along power, prestige and happiness.

For the those who value relationships, they dedicate their entire selves for the sake of their families and to ensure that they always remain happy.

And there are those who spend their lifetime seeking and giving true love for they have been enlightened in the teachings of Christ and seek to spread the love that the Father has shown to all other beings.

Regardless of our diverse areas of investment here on earth, Saint Rose of Lima comes with a message that in order for all of our investment efforts to bear fruit and prosper, we must always anchor our decisions with God as the foundation and everything else will fall into place.

Remember that the earthly investments are only valid and meaningful while we are exist on earth, yet investment in God is a subscription that never ends and will bear yield tenfold.

The Call to Invest in God

Our heavenly Father has placed us on this earth to share in the joys and delights of life, to reap the good harvest and to share in our rich experiences.

We are blessed with the free will to choose to pursue the things we love, and to bask in the fullness of His glory.

But we must remember that all our blessings are generous gifts from God, and we should always give back to the Lord to thank him for his goodness.

Jesus once told a parable of great caution for those who choose to hoard the fruits of the Lord instead of using them to spread more love.

It began with a rich man whose fields had yielded an abundant harvest. The man was overjoyed, but unsure what to do with his crops as he had no place to store them.

Then he said to himself that he would tear down the barns and build bigger ones where he would store surplus grain.

With so much grain we would be set for years to come, and a life of feasting, drinking and merry-making awaited.

But God said to him, “You fool, this very night your life will be demanded from you. Then who will get what you have prepared for yourself?”

Jesus concluded that the same fate shall befall anyone who stores things for themselves but is not rich towards God.

Today’s important message from St. Rose is a powerful reminder that investing in God demands that we let go of the desires of the flesh and lead a life led by the spirit.

Whilst we enjoy the fruits of our labor, we must never forget to give thanks to God and to make regular payments that will contribute to the growth of His kingdom.

The greatest payment we make as investors in the kingdom of God is placing our focus on achieving spiritual wealth.

Our Spiritual Subscription

The cost of following Christ isn’t easy, but one that we must undertake to share in the glories of His kingdom to come.

Maintaining our spiritual subscription means to be constantly in connection with Christ. Through his love, his teachings and his examples we are brought closer to Him when we display them in our lives.

Should an artist wish to be the best in his trade, he must practice his craft daily and be so consumed in it that it becomes second nature to him. Only then shall he be recognized as one of the greats.

To be a true follower of Christ, so to must we dedicate our lives and be so obsessed with our God that he too becomes second nature to us.

In that way, making sacrifices and investments to the Lord no longer become a thing of burden, but something that is necessary for us to achieve our ultimate goal.

Nothing is too big for us, as long as it is to be done in the name of Christ.

We call upon our heavenly saints for their powers of intercession and guidance that we may walk in their ways to grow closer to God in His everlasting love.

Prayer to Saint Rose of Lima

“Dear Saint Rose of Lima, thank you for your insights on investing in the kingdom of God.

Many times I focus so much on making earthy investments that I forget spiritual investments are long-term.

Open my eyes that I may see the path I must take to grow closer to my beloved Father.

Let my faith in Him become my second nature.

Let me never cease to praise Him and glorify His name by my deeds.

May I always learn to trust in God, and to lead a life of righteousness.”

Amen 🙏

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