St. Anne – Beware of Falsehoods

The book of Ezekiel 13:8 contains a solemn warning: “Therefore that you have spoken falsehood, and seen lies, therefore I am against you, says the Lord.” With the growing influence of various digital media also comes the spread of false narratives and hidden agendas.

Today Saint Anne has been sent to us to let us know that we need to ground ourselves with the truth of Christ and be too quick to react to sensational news that we see. She will guide us and intercede for God’s grace, that we may have wisdom to discern the truth from the lies, and to spread God’ message.

As Christians, we are fortunate enough to know and experience the truth of God and we are well conversant with the scriptures unlike the people who have never received any message or information about God. The only way we can expand the kingdom of God is by taking the initiative and responsibility to share the truth to the people, less they succumb to the fake & malicious news circulating. 

Trusting In Falsehoods

Beloved, by living in the modern world, we are likely to place our faith and trust in falsehoods just because they seem to be or have the answers that we have been seeking. We might easily be tempted to live for material wealth and money forgetting that we have a mission and purpose to accomplish in life.

The sparks of gold and the glitter of valuable minerals is likely to distract us from our mission if we fail to understand that our existence will not be measured by the monetary value that we have acquired as our net worth but by our spiritual worth. 

In the book of Luke 12:13-21, Jesus told the parable of the rich fool whose ground yielded an abundant harvest and he thought to himself about how he would tear down his barns and build bigger ones to store the surplus grains. He would then say to himself that he had enough grain to last him for many years hence he would take life easy by eating, drinking and making merry.

However, that night God demanded his soul. Like the rich fool, many are the times where we work ourselves out in search of money and we invest so much for a better future yet we are not certain that the future will unfold. Instead of investing in our spirituality as well, we are trapped by the falsehoods of life which are entirely vanity. Saint Anne is pleading with us today to release the falsehoods in our lives and embrace spirituality for that is meant to be for eternity. 

Spiritual Falsehoods

The bible warns us of the attempts of the devil to entice and mislead God’s children from their true calling. We are all witnesses to the spiritual falsehoods in the world, but the time has come for us to take deliberate action to guard ourselves against them.

Although these may seem like daily occurrences and just a trend, the reality is that the devil has deceived and manipulated many people to achieve his objective in the world. While we may deny the fact that these issues are associated with spirituality, we need to take extra care for we may end up being victims of the devil. 

Saint Anne is warning us that many entities are busy spreading false news about Christ so as to manipulate people to stop believing in the existence of God. It is our responsibility to take up the mantle and spread the truth about the gospel and preach the scriptures without fear. While many false prophets and preachers have emerged and they are always manipulating people, we have to be bold enough to be different and expose the truth to people.

This task is surely not going to be easy but the Lord strengthens those that he has called. It is time to respond to the call and let the world know the truth about God. 

Accepting The Call Of Christ

When Christ calls, it is upon us to respond to the call and listen to the message he intends to pass unto us. However, we need to be keen enough to distinguish the call of Christ from the call of the evil one so that we do not end up taking instructions from the evil one. We are called upon to request for the grace of God to help us and give us the wisdom to distinguish the calls. 

Saint Anne is calling upon us to accept the call of Christ for the harvest in the kingdom of God is in plenty yet the laborers are few. When we accept the call, we submit ourselves entirely to him and let him use us as vessels for the world to know more about God and experience him. When we accept the call of Christ, we take up the mission of passing the truth to the world and eradicating any false news about him. 

Prayer for Saint Anne’s Intercession

“Dear Saint Anne, I beseech thee to intercede for me that I may be strong enough to accept the call of Christ.

To serve him and be bold enough to take up the responsibility to reveal the truth of God to the world in a bid to eradicate spiritual falsehoods.

Make me a strong foundation of God’s love, so that I may be serve God entirely.

Give me the wisdom to discern right and wrong.

And guide me that I will be strengthened in mind & body with the Holy Spirit.”

🙏 Amen 🙏

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