Saint Gabriel – Lay Claim to God’s Promises

Picture this:

One day, you suddenly found out that you now have a rightful claim over a large sum of fortune. Would you make good effort to ensure that your claims to the amount goes through?

Of course, you would! Who wouldn’t?

That’s one of the reasons Saint Gabriel is here today to inform you to lay all your claims on the promises God has made to you. God’s bounty and blessings are eternal, and He always keeps His word. On this day, you have been called to claim God’s promise of abundant life, and a joyous reunion with Him in the next.

After all, God came through for us that we may live and share in the joy of his eternal life. Thus, to receive His promise we must exercise our claims on this heavenly inheritance.

Making Claims

Majority of us are living without knowing what our purpose in life is. It is not a surprise to many who are not even able to recognize their talents and gifts which God has instilled in us.

Failure resulting from challenges we are encountering has been our routine leading to nothing working in our favor. Despite the fact that we brought some of these things to ourselves through sinning against God, today’s saint is reminding us that we need to seek forgiveness first and then make claims to him. He advises us to make a claim of his promise that he designed each one of us with a purpose. We are on earth to fulfill this purpose which he has prepared in advance for us to do. 

God has given us the surety that there is no promise that he has made that will not be fulfilled. His mercy in the bible with the Israelites, is a shining example of His word executed to the end.

Every claim we lay on our creator’s promises will come to pass in his time. When we disobey God and do not meet the necessary requirements as outlined in the bible, our claims to his spiritual riches may often come denied.

St. Gabriel is urging us to stake our claim on God’s promises in his son’s name and remain faithful and steadfast in our Christ-filled resolve. He calls on all Chirstians to accept him in our hearts and let him lead our lives.

Navigating Accidents

Life holds unplanned activities and accidents are not an exemption. Promises made by the lord to you, is a way which would aid you navigate through the accidents. You will not get harmed by anything you set out to do in life because God’s promises are destined to see you prosper. 

Since life has its share of challenges which do not have a date unto which they will end, do not worry when an accident happens to you. This is because God has not allowed this accident to occur to you so that it can discourage you but instead to strengthen you.

God’s uses such opportunities to make it known to you that it is only through him you can depend on. God in all means will show his care to you to make sure you emerge victorious. It is during the challenging times in your life that you get to know more of God and his promises.

His promises are destined to give you joy, wisdom, hope and strength for anything that you face as you live. You are guaranteed that the commitment God has made to you of strengthening and helping you as your steer through your accident will be accomplished. His word states that he will uphold us with his righteous right hand and is always with you at all times.

Get Assistance from Saint Gabriel 

Think of Saint Gabriel us your personal claims consultant whose main goal is to help you receive the most out of God’s promises. Knowing this we must take heed of Saint Gabriel’s assistance to fully maximize our inheritance by our Heavenly Father.

Saints help to intercede our claims and petitions to the Lord, specifically Saint Gabriel who wants to see all our requests to the Lord achieved through his promises.

When you start to feel as if your trust in God is weakening over the delay of your prayers being answered, the saint offers to intercede for you to the Lord.

He is reminding you that you shouldn’t let go of the hope you have in the Lord for he can be trusted to keep his promise which will never fail. The saint will help you ease your worries of whatever you are experiencing as well as praising the Lord when the promises are fulfilled to you. When God fulfills your desires through his promises, you will get help from the saints to share your thankfulness to God. 

Your Inheritance Is In Heaven 

Even as we make our requests to God here on earth, a time will come when we will all get back to our creator. God has made us a promise that he has a plan for our lives, one that gives us hope for a better future. That is why he gave his son to die on the cross for the sake of our sins so that we can get into salvation and one day meet him in heaven.

The promises God has made to us are all meant to result in us having eternal life. Therefore, we are required to keep God close at all times in our lives so that the main reason for all these promises will get accomplished. We all say that heaven is the goal, even those who do not serve him but God will not allow sinners in heaven. Just as how you anticipate laying your claims on God’s promises, is much the same as how you should be in taking time to know him and live for his glory. 

Prayer to Saint Gabriel

“Dear Saint Gabriel, I am pleased with the assurance you have given me that the promises of God will all be executed in my life.

I am thankful for taking your time to brief me of how you will offer your assistance to me.

I appeal to you that you may plead for me to the Lord when my hope in him in fulfilling his promises to me starts to fade.”


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