Our Lady of Fatima – Your Miracle Advocate

Dear beloved, are you burdened and heavily laden? Is your case too difficult to handle and nobody is listening to you? Is your cry for justice constantly ignored?

Worry not, for Our Lady of Fatima has come today to renew you faith in her grace and miracles. She has heard your lamentations and she has come to your aid as your miracle advocate. What you thought is impossible will turn out to be the beginning of your faith journey.

What you thought were your days of sorrow will turn out to be days of laughter for she comes to proliferate miracles in your life. Your time to suffer is limited and you shall no longer weep for the lord has answered your prayer and sent to you the most divine of advocates.

Listen To Heavenly Counsel

The wise are keen and attentive to details while fools take pleasure in ignorance. We are called upon to listen to heavenly counsel for it is by listening and heeding to it that we shall know the right buttons to press for the miracles to be activated in our lives. On the other hand, if we fail to listen to the heavenly counsel, we shall always wonder why life is unfair for we shall only see the manifestation of God through the success and miracles of other people but even then, we shall not recognize that we are the barrier to our own miracles activation.

Our Lady of Fatima intercedes for anyone who heeds her counsel and is in dire need of miracles. She calls upon you to turn to the word of God in times of hardship and difficulty. Do not treat the bible like an ordinary book that you read for information or entertainment. The word of God is alive and speaks to us in profound ways that will guide our lives for the better should we trust in God’s message.

Believe In Miracles

Miracles are always around us and in our daily lives only that we are too blind to recognize them. Most of the time we experience miracles but instead of appreciating them, we ignore them thus they pass us by as ordinary events. Let’s take the basic daily activities; Waking up in the morning seems like a normal thing to do yet it is a miracle.

Getting to the end of the day in good health may seem like a routine until one falls sick and begins to value such moments. We are called upon to open our spiritual eyes and recognize the numerous miracles in our lives without waiting to lose them so that we would regret how we lost precious memories. 

Our Lady of Fatima appeals to us to believe in miracles. Just as she appeared to the three children at Fatima, we are called to view the world with innocent spiritual eyes so that we may see the numerous miracles surrounding us. Perhaps if she would have appeared to adults, they would be so paranoid to spread the message and even testify of experiencing the miracle. Miracles requires us to awaken our inner children and embrace the world spiritually without evil intentions.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Graces

The unfortunate concept of original sin is that we are by default, born in to the inherent sin of mankind.

Ever since the fall of man in the story of creation, sin became a part of us and no matter how much we try to avoid it we always find ourselves back there. We make decisions to be clean and we wash ourselves and our garments such that they are as white as snow. This often discourages us and we tend to lose our hope in remaining spiritually pure and appeasing God.

Yet just as surely as you are reading this message, Christ has died for your sins and given you a clean slate. This in itself is the biggest miracle that we will experience in our lifetime.

Our Lady of Fatima is consoling us that we need not to worry for no matter the number of stains and the intensity of dirt we get ourselves into, we shall always be accepted by God our father. By the greatest miracle of sending his son to sacrifice himself and die on the cross for our sins, we have been purified. Whenever we find ourselves trapped in the shackles of sin and evil habits, we should not be afraid to ask for the graces of God for it is only by his graces that we can be saved and avoid the near occasion of sins. 

Prayer To Our Lady Of Fatima

“Dear Our Lady of Fatima, thank you for the great miracles in my life including those that I do not recognize.

I beseech you to help me activate the miracles in my life so that I may receive them just like the three shepherd children at Fatima.

I will resolve to affirm my faith in the Lord.

In trying times, I shall hold true to my conviction and seek only the comfort and strength of the Lord.

For all things are possible through Him.

Dear Mother, I pray that you will interceded on my behalf to your beloved Son.

May I always seek the grace to avoid sin so that I may please God at all times.”

🙏 Amen 🙏

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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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