Archangel Chamuel – Donating Earthly Comfort For Eternal Rewards

The Divine Benefactor of Unconditional Love, Archangel Chamuel, is here to let you know that the sacrifices you make are not in vain. Although you may not see the rewards at the moment, in due time they will become clearer.

Just like a farmer sows a seed and has to wait for the seed to grow and mature before harvesting, so is donating. Many times we want to go against the rules of nature by trying to harvest immediately we sow the seed. While the wait may seem too long, your guardian angel is assuring you that he will wait with you so the waiting period doesn’t have to seem long and boring. 

Charity During The Wait

Whenever we pray, the results may be: Yes, no, or wait. A yes means that our prayers will be answered sooner, a no means that we cannot be granted our request while a wait means that our request will take a while before it is granted. Sometimes we tend to think that we have received a no while in the real sense we are required to wait.

In such situations we may think that God has abandoned us and end up taking matters into our own hands. Unfortunately, this hinders us from receiving the blessings that were meant for us if only we were a little bit more patient.

Today we are reminded that after offering our prayers, we should then wait for God’s direction. Before receiving instructions from him we ought to get busy during the waiting periods. To touch the heart of God, we are advised to be charitable to others as we wait upon the Lord.

Charity during the waiting period means that we understand that God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others. Your guardian angel is assuring you that whenever you feel like the waiting is taking too long, just remember that its delay does not mean denial. 

Donating Your Life To God

Even though God created us with a unique purpose to accomplish here on earth, sometimes our human nature makes us forget that fact and we end up diverting our attention elsewhere. Instead of living life to please God, we get trapped in the cycle of pleasing ourselves and other humans. 

Whenever we accomplish something, we are quick to shower praises on our capabilities. We take all the glory and ignore the fact that our successes ought to be attributed to God first. When asked for the secret behind our victories, we fail to acknowledge God at all. Regardless of all that, God loves us immensely and He hopes to see us lead a life that pleases Him. Your guardian angel is promising you that he will always be on the lookout for you and help you live a life that pleases God. Whenever you feel like you are going astray, just seek his help and guidance.

Love As The Purest Form Of Donation

When the disciples asked Jesus what was the greatest commandment in Mark Chapter 12: 30-31, he responded that the first was loving God will all our hearts, souls and minds while the second greatest was that we should love our neighbours as we love ourselves. We cannot claim to love God while we are filled with malice towards our neighbours.

If we love  God and our neighbours, then we will be able to follow the commandments very easily since they indicate our relationships with God as well as others. When we love someone, we give ourselves entirely to them. We open up to them and allow ourselves to be vulnerable. We can never intentionally hurt the people we love unless we never truly loved them in the first place.

Your guardian angel knows that you have a pure heart and you always love others so easily. Although sometimes your kind heart ends up being taken advantage of by those you love and you end up broken, your guardian angel assures you that the love in your heart is not an indicator that you are weak but it is a symbol of your unmatched strength. Even when you get heartbroken for loving too much, never stop loving.

Finally, the divine benefactor of unconditional love informs you that whenever you feel unloved, remember that you are loved beyond measure. The agape love of God for you remains unending and nobody can ever snatch that from you. 

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