St. Michael – Pay Close Attention to Your Surroundings Today

In the midst of our anguish, St. Michael the Archangel emerges as a beacon of hope and proudly brandishes His sword against the forces of darkness. In a world that often teeters on the precipice of temptation and spiritual warfare, St. Michael’s role isn’t simply to combat the adversary in the great battle. As the appointed protector of God’s cherished creation, He silently guards you in your present-day relationships and choices.

Beloved, as you journey through the moments of today you are called to recognize how pivotal it is to be keenly aware of the world around you. For in the dance of life, the music may change. But the dance’s beauty is deeply affected by the partners you choose, the floor upon which you dance, and the energy that stirs your every step. Each setting, every encounter, and even the unnoticed details of your life is shaped not by external forces but by the will that you hold in your heart.

St. Michael, Guide Us In Our Relationships

Each time we face an internal or external conflict in our relationships, envision St. Michael with his sword guarding us against the deceptions of the devil. Your relationships shape your life in more ways than you can imagine, for they are the foundation of your daily interactions and mental well-being.

Much like the disciples that Christ chose on His journey to our salvation, we too must chose very carefully who we associate with and spend most of our time and energy on. Today we call on St. Michael to guard us in our discernment so that we may form more powerful bonds with the people that lead us closer to God.

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17

St. Michael assists us in discerning the intentions of those around us. With his guidance, we can identify relationships that are genuine, loving, and edifying from those that might lead us away from God’s intended path.

Your Daily Energy: Moral Fortitude

Dearest one, to lead a fulfilling life you must focus on accumulating positive energies every day. This can be done true honing your moral fortitude by standing firm on the beliefs and morals that I have taught you. The more you uphold God’s teachings and do good in the day, the easier it becomes with each passing act until it becomes second nature to you.

Your words, actions and silent thoughts all contribute to the amount of energy you receive in the day.

  • A little bit of kindness goes a long way: God does not expect you to perform tremendous deeds of greatest each day. Every little act of kindness compounds and grows into an unstoppable momentum. Strive to do at least one kind act a day that will help others around you.
  • Uplifting others: Never underestimate your potential to elevate someone’s day, to redirect their gaze to the Father. Much like how one candle can light many others, so can your positive energy ignite a flame in countless souls.
  • Stay away from negativity: there are certain individuals that are filled with negativity and have chosen to let it consume them. If you are unable to influence them with your kind heart, it is best to stay away for the time being and try again another day.

I Have Called You Be a Leader of Men

While St. Michael stands vigilant keeping watch, it is crucial to remember that the mantle of responsibility also rests upon our shoulders. We are not mere passive recipients of God’s love and protection but active participants in his grand masterplan.

God called you not to simply follow, but to be a leader of men. Some of us may hold positions of authority that wields significant influence, whilst others may have humble backgrounds. Whatever the case, we are always in a position of influence to those around us. Instead of accepting everything that the world forces upon you, God wants you to take charge of your life and lead the way.

Empowered by his Spirit’s calling and the faith that we possess, we shall be a light for others in the darkness that they are experiencing.

  • Choose God Actively: Our choices should be a testament to our commitment to God. Whether it’s choosing kindness over wrath, forgiveness over grudges, or humility over arrogance, each decision should echo our faith.
  • Stand Firm Against Temptations: In moments of weakness, when the shadows of temptation loom large let us take inspiration from St. Michael’s valor. Let his battle cry against evil fortify our resolve to resist the allure of sin.
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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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