St. Benedict – Peace and Security Will Come Upon Your Home Today. Trust That God Will Secure Your Home & Blessings Will Rain Like a Dewfall.

Your home is your most important place of solace and comfort. I want you to take heart that the Lord will fill your place of dwelling with His presence. As your patron saint, I will guard you against the all malicious darts and the terrors of the night. You need not fear the outside world for no harm can come near the presence of the Lord.

Allowing God to remodel your home is a process of letting go of your own control and opening yourself up to His guidance and direction. Your house may vary with different architecture, design and renovation but the foundation of it it all must be centered around God.

Seeking God for Safety at Your Homes

To ensure that your home is physically safe, it is wise that to install cameras, security systems, alarms and strong walls to guard its inhabitants from theft, trespass and damage. Similarly I want to remind you that you must also secure your homes against spiritual attacks and dangers of the unseen world.

Therefore, as your saint, I am urging you to call for God’s intervention in watching over your lives, homes, and at the places of work. You require a prominent power that’s able to alert you when an enemy is planning something bad against you. As you are aware, the evil one is not fascinated when your life progresses as its intention is for you to suffer and your endeavors to yield poor undeserving results. 

Pray to God for protection and he will send his angels to always be by your side to ensure that your peace is maintained. You and your family require a safe space where you are assisting each other to attain the purpose intended of you. God will not let down anyone who is loyal to him as well as his command and your life’s protection is certified. No plans to endanger you will ever prosper. 

Decorating Your Life with God’s Blessings

A home looks pretty, cozy and alluring if it has decor mounted on its walls. It makes it a serene space bringing about peace of mind. As your saint, I am revealing to you that you can add decor to your life as well, inform of blessings. This is where you do as per God’s acts and he will surely bless you. Having benedictions in your life, hardships will not in any way overcome you. You will have the spiritual strength to fight through them at all times.

Again, you will allure opportunities in plenty that bring advancement in your life. Financial hardships will not have its way in your life. You will shine and become a star whose brightness is noticeable by everyone. 

Is it possible that your life’s decor makes it enchanting as you avoid blemishes that occur every once in a while? You are likely to sin and not allure blessings but even with so, pray to God that everything will always align to his will in your life. This way, whatever decor you mount in your life, it will have a good meaning in your life. 

Insure Your Life in the Lord

One’s home is susceptible to catching fire or flooding thus needing one to have insurance that will come through in case of such unprecedented moments. In a much similar manner, your life is at risk of suffering or coming to a halt at any time without your consent. Therefore, I am encouraging you to agree to have insurance with God. He will not only compensate for your time spent in challenges but also secure you from encountering them in the first place. Your life is finally going to take a turn for the best.

At times, you might find yourself breaching the terms of God’s insurance over temptations that are quite inevitable. As your saint, I am determined to ensure that you keep your end of the deal by obeying God while he keeps his end. God will never disappoint you and when you need his aid, he will instantly give it to you. When you get an opportunity to come into an agreement with God, don’t hesitate to hop into it. Your purpose might be achieved following the insurance that you take with the Almighty.

Shield Your Home by Building It on the Lord

Psalms 127 states that, “not unless God constructs a house for you, those constructing it tire in vain.” 

I am disclosing to you today that, without God, your life is meaningless and you can barely achieve your objectives with ease. There will always be difficulties to hinder you from attaining these goals.

Entrust your home, or life with God and the fact that you are alive today, it should be reason enough to be grateful to him. On a daily basis, ensure the foundation of your life is not shaken by falling into enticements by evil one. Cling unto the Lord and your safety and victory is confirmed.

Let Us Pray

“Dear God, we appreciate your protection upon us at all times even when we forget to mention it. We are grateful. Help us to strengthen the foundation we have with you by feeding our faith with your word. We pray that we will be enabled to honour the consensus of being faithful to you as you have been with us. Amen”

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