Archangel Uriel – Your Education Never Stops In The Institution Of God

The divine pillar of wisdom & repentance, Archangel Uriel has appeared to you today with Sent to you today is Archangel Uriel, to inform you that you are strong beyond your thoughts.

He wants you to know that although you have sometimes underestimated your own abilities, you are capable of achieving so far greater things if you set your mind to. If you have been feeling lost or you are unsure of the path you should take, worry not, because your Guardian Angel will reveal to you the plans for a life-long education in God.

Goal Setting In The Institution Of God

As humans, we are often defined by the skills, talents, or abilities we have that stand out. Solomon in the Bible was a well-loved king, renowned for his wisdom that God had granted to him.

He possessed great intelligence and used it to effectively solve difficult problems that were presented to him.

Archangel Uriel wants you to know that to attain such a high level of wisdom in life requires discipline, humility, desire to achieve something, and above all faith in God. When God favors you, regardless of your position in life, you get the opportunity to be raised from adversity and stand out because you seem exceptional.

Wishful thinking and being jealous are the works of the devil and can only lead to stagnation. Instead we should direct all our efforts to concrete goals that we set out to accomplish.

If you have a dream, follow it, cultivate your inner power, and let the universe propel you forward. Your personal goals and how seriously you want them are what will make you reach destinations that others just think about.

Take a Disciplined Approach

In the institution of God, having great discipline will see our education through and ultimately set us up for success.

Distractions will come along the way, yet Archangel Uriel will be there to steer you in the right path if you call upon him.

When we study in a prestigious institution, we have to follow all the rules and regulations set out in order to graduate successfully. In a similar vein, God’s institution calls for us to follow His commandments even when nobody is watching.

The book of Hebrews Chapter 12:5-7 indicates that we should not disregard the discipline of the Lord for He disciplines the one He loves.

Angel Uriel wants us to take this opportunity to embrace discipline in the institution of God to prevent future problems that may arise out of indiscipline. Your guardian angel knows that when you are disciplined, everything else falls into place and you get to experience other good things in your life since you will be a successful student. 

Positivity Is The Catalyst For Success

Our brains conceive what we perceive hence the need to embrace positivity. If we think we are failures, we will fail no matter how much our teachers encourage us. If we think we are successful, we will be successful even when the forces of nature work against us.

The institution of God requires us to find the good in people and choose to see the bright side even when situations are not favoring us. The power we have in our minds is far much greater than we can imagine. The patterns that happen in our lives are guided by our thoughts which direct the choices we make.

The book of Mathew talks about how feeding our mind is like growing a tree that bears fruit. We all have the option of what we want to feed “our tree” with. Eventually, the truth will be known by the fruits that we produce.

Angel Uriel knows the power you have, to enable you to graduate as the best student in the institution of God. Your guardian angel is letting you know that the way you speak, about yourself, about others, and the things you choose to believe will either limit you in life or progress it. 

Enrolling For Further Studies.

Going the extra mile in our faith is a means of enrolling for further studies in the institution of God. There are times we lack the drive to do things differently from others and instead settle for the ordinary. We wait for miracles and greatness yet we are not ready to make the sacrifice and take a step ahead.

Angel Uriel is letting us know that laziness and settling for mediocrity limit us from achieving our purpose. From time immemorial, the people who have achieved anything have always been set apart.

See an example of Noah when he was building an ark, everyone thought he was crazy like he was believing an illusion considering how long it took, 40 years. The people only believed him when it was too late and the floods were already coming.

When you start advancing you are the only person who will believe that dream, until it starts bearing fruit. Whenever you feel a need to find validation, Archangel Uriel wants you to look inward and reassure yourself and remember that there is hope every day that you live, make it count.

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