St. Martin de Porres – Classes in Justice

Justice here on earth isn’t perfect. In the short time that we have, we are subject to the judgement of courts and legal doctrines. Every day we see cases of injustice, and wonder how the world could allow such atrocities to happen.

We know that the justice system that was meant to protect the people isn’t perfect.

Yet there is one supreme judge who reigns over all. We place our faith in God, not only because he always delivers the right verdict, but because He rules with love & compassion.

Whenever we feel wronged, we are assured that we have an entire court of heaven ready to attend a hearing to petition our cases and we have angels and saints as our advocates to help us negotiate our case to God.

Today St. Martine de Porres’ message calls for us to take up classes in justice to better understand the Heavenly law that governs us, rather than simply relying on an imperfect system. For it is a law that applies universally – across all nations and borders, in this lifetime and in our life after death.

Justice From The Heart

In the bible, 1st Kings 3:16-28; a story of two mothers is told. The mothers lived in the same house and each had a child. One baby was dead and both were claiming ownership over the living child, thus they brought the case to king Solomon demanding justice. Applying the wisdom that the Lord had granted him, Solomon suggested that the baby be cut into half to discern the real mother from the false one who has jealous of her neighbour.

When we speak of Solomon we often remember his great wisdom that was granted by the Lord. But what St. Martin wants you to know is that God has also granted us wisdom in our hearts to make decisions in our everyday lives.

Picture this. If you were made a judge today with the power to decide the fate of the cases presented before you. Would you simply follow blind legal doctrines, or would you rule from the heart? This is the basis of the law of God, that every thing we do or decide should stem from love.

As recipients of the blessings from God, we too are appointed as judges and are called to seek justice not just for ourselves but those around us.

We Are Attorneys Of Christ

Beloved, the Lord has appointed you as his attorney on earth hence you ought to be an advocate of justice. While you may realize that most people around you turn a blind eye to the injustice in the world, you have been set apart to be different. This means that you have to put aside your fear and put on your armor of courage for the battle ahead is not going to be easy. The poor and voiceless have cried to God for a long time seeking that he remembers them and delivers them from the cruelty of the universe.

Saint Martin de Porres informs us that as chosen advocates of justice in the world, we should enhance our knowledge by enrolling in justice classes. We need to gain a deeper understanding of what is required of us so that we can succeed in this responsibility that has been bestowed upon us.

As advocates of justice in the world, we need to be good examples for we cannot preach what we cannot practice. We are called upon to look around us and correct any wrongs as well as fight for what is right. It is only by doing so that we will be able to fight for justice in the universe. 

Justice Must be Fair For All 

It is so unfortunate and a pity that when we look into our society we realize that those in power are always in a position to evade punishment and they can get away with anything wrong just because of the power they wield. We live in a world that believes that money is power hence the common notion is that when you are in possession of that power you can do anything that you feel like regardless of the impact it has on others.

The result of living with this belief is that the poor and voiceless in the society tend to be denied justice at the expense of the rich hence it becomes a man-eat-man society.

Saint Martin de Porres is warning us that we need to take up justice classes for us to understand that justice is not just for those in power. The book of Psalms 82:3 indicates that we should give justice to the weak and fatherless as well as maintain the rights of the afflicted and destitute.

Whenever we deny justice to the vulnerable who have nobody to cry unto, their tears will be heard by God and we shall face his wrath. As advocates of justice let us fight for equality and justice among all people for we are one nation of the kingdom of God and we have one father who loves us equally and holds us precious in his eyes. 

Prayer To Saint Martin

“Oh Saint Martin de Porres, I pray that you may always look out for me and help me so that I may never be deceived to practice injustice in the world.

Like Solomon, I pray for the wisdom to identify justice from the heart without being deceived by physical appearances.

I pray that I may be a great advocate of justice in the world.”

🙏 Amen 🙏

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