St. Thomas Aquinas – Pursuing Higher Education

Just as we enroll in universities in pursuit for higher education and graduating with a bachelor’s degree the same way St. Thomas Aquinas is calling upon you to pursue higher education with God to enjoy long lasting learning and getting an everlasting degree. 

St. Thomas Aquinas reminds you of how important and great it is to actually graduate with God’s degree which involves securing yourself eternal life and a place in the kingdom of God once you apply God’s teachings in your life.

He urges you to enroll in courses in God’s classes so you may learn of his ways and teachings that will help you live in the way that honors the Lord. St. Thomas Aquinas encourages you that though the journey toward pursuing higher education and a degree with God may not be easy as it is full of trials and challenges, he assures you of his guidance that will have you persevere in faith and conquer all that is determined to have you fall from God’s grace.

The Best Teacher

Just as you seek to enroll in courses in the best institutions of higher learning in order to access classes from best qualified lecturers and professors the same way, St. Thomas Aquinas is calling upon you to take courses with the best teacher who is the creator and get long lasting education.

St. Thomas reminds you of how important it is to enroll in God’s classes as you shall be equipped with knowledge that shall have you live righteously. He urges you to heed to the wise teachings of God that shall help you conquer all the trials and temptations thrown upon you by life. St. Thomas Aquinas reminds you that life is a school that has many challenges and lessons as some will be so hard that it will be difficult to move past them but once you enroll in God’s classes you shall grow in faith that shall help you endure and conquer all the storms you come across.

St. Thomas Aquinas assures us that the best teacher is our creator as he has the entire design and purpose of our lives and has the intent of leading us to his great plans for us. St. Thomas promises to guide us so that we may apply the teachings acquired in the courses taken up with God.   

Qualification Free Learning

Unlike in the institutions of higher learning where you have to meet certain qualifications to be able to take courses in those institutions, St. Thomas Aquinas is reminding you that when you take up courses with God by living a life that honors him you do not need to have any qualifications whatsoever other than an acceptant heart that is willing to serve the Lord.

St. Aquinas reminds you that there is no reason to hold yourself back from serving God and delaying his grace and favor to befall you as there are no requirements in enrolling in God’s classes. In the higher education learning institutions, one has to meet all their demands such as fee payment among other demands failure to which will have you miss out on the chance of getting access to education there whereas in God’s classes there is no discrimination.

You might feel that you are not worthy of God’s presence in your life and have no right to enrolling in his courses and grace due to some bad choices you have made and sins committed but St. Thomas Aquinas assures you that God is there for you and is waiting for you to accept him in your life.

Persistence And Endurance Is Key

Getting a degree in institutions of higher education is not easy as at some point the courses in which you have enrolled becomes tough and at times you desire to give up and wonder whether you will make it to the degree. That is no different from taking on the choice of serving God as there will be trials and temptations that will seek to see you fail and fall from the grace of God.

However, St. Thomas Aquinas is calling upon you to remind you that though enrolling in God’s courses by serving him diligently and living up to his teachings may be difficult due to trials and temptations along the way, he assures you that he shall strengthen you so that you may overcome all that seeks to destroy your relationship with God. He asks you that since life was never designed to be easy as it will always be full of ups and downs, to endure the challenges and remain steadfast in faith in God’s purpose and plans for you.

St. Thomas assures you that mastering faith in God, endurance, and persistence in the face of challenges shall secure you victory in Christ. 

Everlasting Degree

Graduating from institutions of higher education with degrees creates a great feeling of success and accomplishment. However, the degree acquired does not secure your life forever as at some point you shall pass on and live your degree behind. In the courses taken up with God where there is long lasting learning and you actually apply God’s teachings in your life then you can be guaranteed of acquiring an eternal degree that shall not only secure you an abundant life full of joy in the mortal world but eternal life as well and a place for you in the kingdom of God.

St. Thomas Acquinas promises to intercede for you that you may live a life that honors the teachings of the creator so you may secure and graduate with the greatest degree of all, eternal life.

Use The Word Of God As Reference

In institutions of higher education, you are allowed to have access to libraries where you would use texts and books to maximize your knowledge in pursuit of a degree. Similarly, St. Thomas Aquinas reminds you that the word of God is at your exposure to refer to and assist you in acquiring the knowledge of God through his teachings.

St. Thomas assures you that God as your teacher refers you to his word where you shall learn of his miracles and serves as a source of comfort and strength to help you overcome all the challenges that you come across.

Prayer To St. Thomas Aquinas

 “Dear St. Thomas, patron against ignorance,

I am grateful for enriching me with the knowledge required in pursuit of creating a great relationship with God by enrolling in his classes of high education.

I beseech thee to give me the ability to follow each and every thing that is required of me despite the challenges to graduate with the degree of God’s teachings.”

Amen 🙏

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