St. Sebastian – Time to Take Classes

St. Sebastian has appeared today with a grand announcement by the institution of heavenly learning that it is time for you as a Christian to take classes in the ways of Christ.

Enrollment is now open with diverse courses being offered and you are challenged to take up this opportunity. The patron saint of courage, persistence and strength, Saint Sebastian, is revealing to you that the time is ripe to make progress in life and this will be facilitated by taking some time to learn.

Saint Sebastian is reminding us that just like Jesus taught us the form of a parable, we are also called upon to grow our the God given talents that have been bestowed upon us and to put it to work to bear fruit in God’s glory.

Remember the Parable of the Gold Coins, where a prince gave his three servants some gold equal to their abilities.

Two of the servants went out to invest the amount given to them and bore fruit to return to their lord.

However the last servant was afraid of losing it and hid the money away, never realizing it’s full potential or allowing it to grow. We know in the parable that he was chastised and punished for his actions, for his master was enraged at his lack of effort.

Then the master ordered:

“Take the money from this servant, and give it to the one with the ten bags of silver.

To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance.

But from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away.”

The wise people understand that learning is a life-time process hence they do not waste any opportunity. Let go of your doubts and make a decision to take up this opportunity for the angels and saints are cheering you on.

A Degree In Finance

God understands that in order for you to effectively help others, you need to be self sufficient as well. This is why the kingdom of God calls for its people to be financially smart and enroll for classes in order for you to educate yourself on financially stability.

Pursuing a degree of finance in the Lord isn’t about amassing riches or for selfish reasons. Your basis for acquiring proper financial knowledge is to equip yourself with the skills to utilize your God-given abilities and talents for the growth of His kingdom.

Broadening your mind in the fields of economics, accounting, investments and wealth management will enable you to take charge of finances in your life and help others with any wealth you have acquired.

God’s people are not laid-back, lazy or stagnant in thinking . Remember that we have been gathered together because of your abilities, talents and gifts that we must continue to nurture and share with others for the glory of the Lord.

When we accept the call to learn, we shall be in a position to invest wisely so that we can enjoy maximum gains. Take time to study and let Jesus be your teacher by reading the bible so that you will be able to understand that your life on earth is not just a mere existence but an investment that you will have to give an account for once you face your creator. 

A Degree In Health

Taking care of God’s gifts also requires that we take proper care of our bodies and overall health. We are at our fullest potential when we are uninhibited by sickness, disease or pain.

St. Sebastian, patron saint of courage is challenging you to let go of your fear and stand up to protect health. If your health has declined, do not give up but seek more information on how to get back to health. The best thing to do is to enroll in classes to learn more on how to protect your body and restore your health.

In the institution of heavenly learning, the Holy spirit is tasked with the responsibility of teaching you to take care of your spiritual health. While undergoing this course, the holy spirit is appealing to you to make use of your course text which is your bible so that you remain spiritually nourished. With Jesus as your head of department, you are assured that you have everything at your disposal to facilitate smooth learning and ensure that you have no excuse or reason for spiritual death. 

A Degree In Technology

In our modern world it is becoming more evident that change and advancement is constant. Those who are not open to change cannot grow or keep up with society. By enrolling to study a degree in technology, you get to remain relevant with the changes in the universe.

The call for you to upgrade your knowledge of new technologies is more urgent now then ever. God is not opposed to technological advancements of society, in fact we are called to take full advantage of such advancements to connect with others and to spread His word.

With so many courses online and learning platforms, it is easy to learn about something new every day if we simply put the effort into it.

Although it may seem intimidating to learn something technical at first, St. Sebastian assures you that with grace of God nothing is impossible. If you’ve always wanted to learn something new now is the time to do it!

St. Sebastian wants us to remember that God is happy to see his “investments” in us grow and flourish. As His children we also have a duty to use our gifts in a way that will contribute and reap greater returns in His name. Go forth, seek growth and fear nothing, for the Lord is with you!

Prayer To Saint Sebastian

“Dear Saint Sebastian, there are days I feel left behind and I lack the courage to learn.

I beseech you to put in me a resilient spirit,

That I may be able to respond positively to call for learning and self-development.

Help me to realize the gifts that God has given to me.

So that I do not “keep it”, but use it to bear more fruit.

This I ask in the most precious name of Jesus.

St. Sebastian, pray for us.”

🙏 Amen 🙏

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