Saint Rita – Time for Classes

Much of our education is received through institutions of learning, but the real valuable knowledge that we acquire is during our daily interactions in the real world. For the longest time it has been proven that we learn best through experiences rather than simply on paper.

Many people often complain that the Church is rigid, and that in order to follow Christ we are stuck in old ways of thinking. This couldn’t be further from the truth for God wants His flock to be empowered with knowledge and wisdom. Our faith does not simply come from “blindly following” the crowd but through the experiences and wisdom that we have gathered through the years which makes it all the more stronger.

Proverbs 1:7 reads that “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, fools despise wisdom and discipline.” This much is certain – God’s wants us to acquire wisdom and to apply it effectively in order to excel in our lives. The pursuit for knowledge does not draw us away from our faith, but instead it nourishes our minds and teaches us the true love that God has granted onto us.

Saint Rita reveals an important message that as followers of Christ it is time to level up our thinking and take classes that will elevate our knowledge in order to serve Him better. Our knowledge forms the foundation of our faith, for if we are totally ignorant to the ways of the world, we cannot claim to truly choose God as our savior. Let us choose the path of wisdom and to glorify God by the degree of knowledge that we acquire.

The Degree of Truth

As Christians we are always called to “seek the truth”, but what exactly must we study in order to derive the truth and graduate in the university of Christ?

When we say that we seek the truth in God, what it means is that we acknowledge that all existence and truth proceeds from the nature of our Heavenly Father. Although there are many things that can be factually true, there is only one thing that can be the truth which is Christ our Lord.

This is why Jesus says in John 14:6 that “I am the way, the truth, and the life”. Whilst we focus on our studies and acquire knowledge with an open mind, the principles and lessons that He has taught us are everlasting and infallible.

We are taught to differentiate between relative truth (which changes based on our perceptions, thoughts and societal influences) and the universal truths which are absolute truths that God has laid out for us.

Relative truth is a dangerous ground to thread, because it bears no real significance when one’s beliefs are always changing based on our perception and understanding of it. God’s truth is absolute, and always remains firm & objective.

A Course On Characteristics of Universal Truth

God’s truths are constant and does not change over time. This is because the principles that stem from His nature of love is everlasting. Those who seek His truth and follow His ways shall receive His blessings and salvation.

This is why we are held to our moral standards, which forms the basis of our salvation from eternal sin. Our actions are guided by the standards that Christ has taught us and we are held accountable should we choose to do good or evil.

What’s amazing is that our faith is built on truth that is absolute. Christ is eternal and unchanging, and He forms the salvation upon which we stand and rely upon. Even as times change and societal perceptions evolve, our trust in Him remains resolute.

The Bible – Our Study Guide to Understanding God

One is likely to attain good performance in school if they study from time to time. In a similar manner, the lessons that we learn in the Holy Bible contains the truth of God that grows our faith the more we study it.

Saint Rita is revealing to us that to prosper in life and attain a chance to have eternal life, we ought to constantly be enlightened on a verse from the word of God on a daily basis. Do not wait to hear of the word only on your Sabbath days. One who studies the word is informed on the promises of God and knows when to make claims of them. He will bestow his grace upon you who is thirsty to comprehend how to live from the study. 

In Christ’s teachings, you are often reminded that the word of God is a guide on how you are expected to lead through life. As a believer, this is a way that will enable you to emulate the life of Christ when he was on earth. Consequently, you will be delivered from enduring hardships and when they arise, you are certain that through the education of fighting them through faith, they will not overcome you.

Prayer for Saint Rita’s Intercession

“Dear Saint Rita, I thank you for your message of enlightenment today.

I humbly accept that Christ is the truth and the strong foundation of my faith.

Help me to grow my knowledge in Him, and to seek His teachings in all that I do.

Empower me with the spirit of wisdom to always base my actions in God’s love.

As each new day passes, guide me to draw closer to Him and inspire me with confidence to make my mark in the world that I may glorify His holy name.

All this I ask through Christ our Lord,

St. Rita pray for us.”


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