St. Christopher – Divine Coverage

St. Christopher, the patron saint of travelers and children, wants us to know that despite all of our flaws and imperfections, Christ will always delight in carrying us through life – just as he single-handedly shouldered the cross for the sake of our salvation.

When we feel like our burdens are too much to bear, that is when we must remember that we are connected to the unfailing strength of the Lord whom always provides. From all the uncertainties, disasters and unfortunate events in life, God extends his divine coverage onto us through the many tiny miracles that manifest in our lives.

Our lives have been insured by the blood of Christ and therefore we are not liable to the snares of the evil one. Saint Christopher wants to remind us that as Christians we are all one body of Christ and must do all that we can to lift one another up in the community. For the biggest insurance that we have against sin is the love that we have for one another. Just as God watches and closely guards our lives, so to must we be the light for our fellow brothers and sisters.

God’s Network

God is the only being capable of watching over us at all times and every single day. He is Omnipresent, meaning he is everywhere at the same time and Omnipotent with power that is not surpassed by any other which should ease our worries when we think of our safety. He has a network unto which he has assigned duties to help him accomplish the aim of offering divine coverage to all those who believe in his existence. The angels and saints are among those given duties to grant divine protection for you all. 

Those who have entrusted their lives to God are assured that their souls are protected. There is no obstacle set to limit your happy growth and divine fulfillment that is allowed to succeed in you. God and his network can see where you cannot and listen to plans made against you. They can tell even before any plan against them is made.

To benefit from divine coverage, you ought to love God by conceding to live in Christ and being part of salvation as there is a promise of receiving divine coverage at all times. God’s promises never fail, and this is one of those he has promised to the followers of Christ.

Saint Christopher is informing us that we to are a part of God’s network which keeps us enclosed in divine protection. Our hearts, souls, bodies, minds, and spirits are not liable to any danger when divine coverage is offered to us. The saint commits to be by your side at all times to grant you this divine coverage and asks you to call for his help when you sense an attack. 

Seek God’s Care, and Give Care to Your Fellow Men

God’s care is upon everyone, including those that do not believe in him. He considers us all as his offspring and does not want us to suffer at the hands of the enemy. The saint tells us that we are the certified children of God, and as a father, it is his responsibility to take care of each one of us. He showed us his form of care when he sacrificed his son to die on the cross for the sake of our sins. We are assured that the price of our sins was paid and promised to receive eternal life. 

Nothing is as sweet as knowing that God loves you and is always awake to make sure you are protected. We ought to return this favor to him by maintaining our faith in him by studying his word and following what it states. Just as God cares for us, we need to extend the same care to others.

We should not only look at our interests, but also those of others.

“If God can take care of the birds of the air by feeding them that do not know of either sowing or reaping, what of you who are his most valued creatures?” So, let us purpose to live a life that matches the glory of God by humbling ourselves, and we will certainly feel the care of the Lord upon us.

Divine Insurance

A believer knows the merits of having God closer to them. They never suffer through inadequacies because God always showers them with His blessings.

Saint Christopher is urging you to secure yourself a chance of being a responsibility of God by tithing to him through your places of worship. This should be a commitment we should embrace as it secures us lifetime insurance from God. We will be insured every time we face hardship, and his insurance becomes our solution.

God’s insurance is accompanied by blessings as our work will not be the only source of provision for your needs. Recognize his blessings, and you will receive more of them. Your tithe is your insurance program with God. It is a guarantee that you will never lack in your life!

Prayer for Saint Christopher’s Intercession

“Dear Saint Christopher, I value your message about how I can earn divine coverage, both spiritually and physically.

I aspire to lead a life driven and solely led by God.

I request that you may come to my aid every time of my life as you are part of God’s network.

Help me show love to others by caring for them as God has always done to me.”


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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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