St Joseph – Patron Saint of Homes

Taking Care Of Your Home

Our lady is sending the patron saint of homes, St. Joseph, to remind you that you ought to take care of your home. Sometimes we tend to remember to renovate our homes only when we expect guests, thus ignoring the fact that homes need constant care even when we are not expecting guests.

Building Your Home On A Prime Real Estate

Nobody delights in building a home in a desolate and deserted area that has no value.

If we all had a chance, we would build our homes on prime real estate and reside there happily.

Sometimes we get carried away by looking for prime properties to reside in yet we forget that God is the prime property we should strive to look out for. When we build our homes which are our souls in God, the prime property, we are bound to be easily noticed because we will shine not just from the inside but also the outside and others will look at us in admiration. 

Your guardian angel is letting you know that when you are located in God, you will be protected because security is the topmost priority in prime property.

This means that your enemies and those who wish ill upon your life will not be in a position to come even an inch closer to you. Challenges such as water scarcity will not be an issue to you since your spirit will always be quenched as the prime property can never be devoid of the water of life.

Constructing Your Home On A Strong Foundation

The book of Matthew Chapter 7: 24-27 quotes the words of Jesus who compared anyone who hears his words and acts accordingly to a man who built his house on a rock; when the rain fell, the floods came and the winds blew and slammed against that house but it remained standing due to its strong foundation. However, he compared those who hear his words but do not act accordingly, to a foolish man who built his house on sand, and upon the onset of the rains, floods, and wind, the house collapsed.

Many times we take caution on the foundation of the homes we are constructing yet we are ignorant and build our souls on a weak foundation.

Whenever we are slammed by the winds of unanswered prayers and the floods of temptations, our weak foundation triggers our collapse. Our weak faith becomes the sole reason that we cannot withstand the storms in our lives. 

Your guardian angel is revealing to you that faith in God is the ultimate strong foundation that ensures you remain standing regardless of whatever slams you.

St. Joseph is assuring you that whenever you feel that your faith is not strong enough to build your home on, trust in him and seek his intercession. He promises to come to your aid and help you increase and strengthen your faith.

Time To Build A Home

Sometimes we grow impatient when things are not working out as we wish they would.

Whenever we make requests to God, we begin to complain if our desires are not attended to hastily. This affects our relationship with God and delays the construction process.

St. Joseph is reminding us that the construction of a home does not take a single day. We have to be patient and let God the builder, mold us and design us as he pleases.

It is okay if He takes more time than we expected because all He wants is a perfect building that is strong enough to withstand any challenges and attractive enough to gain admiration from others.

Your guardian angel is asking you to trust in God and wait patiently for him without any complaints because He is not yet done with you and you are a work-in-progress.

Renovating Your Home

Most times we remember to renovate our homes when we get information that we shall receive guests.

St. Joseph is reminding us that our hearts are the holy residences and we need daily upkeep to ensure they are always habitable. A clean-up routine is necessary to ensure Christ resides in a clean and comfortable home.

Whenever cracks appear we are called upon to renovate by repenting whenever we sin. It is only through repentance that we will ensure our homes do not collapse when shaken. Your guardian angel is calling out to you to renovate your home by mending the cracks that may break your family apart.

By making Christ the center of your family, your home will be strong and unbreakable.

Prayer To St. Joseph

“Dear Patron saint of homes, I entrust my soul to you and beseech thee to help me make Christ the foundation of my heart. I trust in your intercession that my home may remain strongly grounded when the storms of life come knocking. Oh St. Joseph, intercede for me that God may make my heart His eternal home. Amen”

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