St. Joseph – Hosting a Christ Connected Home

Imagine trying to access a website without proper or very limited internet connection… The endeavor itself sounds extremely frustrating and pointless trying to wait for pages that take forever to load.

Similarly when applied to our faith, if we attempt to reach God but have not yet taken the time to develop a strong and meaningful connection, the attempt may seem futile and disheartening.

St. Joseph has arrived today to present you ways in which you can host a home that has a solid connection to God. It is a chance to make it known to you that you will triumph over any challenge that arises in your home when you accept to host Christ. 

Hosting Your Web

Just as a web cannot function without hosting services, we cannot live without God in our midst. When we allow the earthly things such as the evil one to take control of our lives, we will not captivate good things like blessings in our homes. Moreover, by giving credits to ourselves or our parents for having been the ones who satisfy all the needs in our homes makes God distance himself from us. 

St. Joseph today is coming to pass to you a message that people residing in a home that has declined God as their host suffer through inadequacy. They do not enjoy his abundant peace even when life takes a turn for the worst. Therefore, to attract the Lord, your host, in your life at all times, you need to accept Christ his son in your heart. Your homes will be filled with serenity and free from any trouble. Perhaps there will be instances you feel as if your connection with God is failing, seek St. Joseph who will act as an intercessor for you to him. 

Building a Powerful Bandwidth

Just as much as surfing the net requires a stable bandwidth, our faith also needs strong and stable connection to God in order to be connected to his graces and blessings. We need help for us to reach God so as to live a rewarding and meaningful life.

As we go through life, we encounter many challenges in our homes where some go past our strength and we lack a solution. Could it be that we are unable to overcome them due to the means we use to communicate to God for intervention?

Our lives will run smoothly when we know of the ways to reach God just as how a website is accessed through the internet.

St. Joseph tells us that Christ is the easiest way to reach and communicate to God. He says that those who pray through the name Jesus Christ and invite him in their homes when seeking for intervention in the midst of their problems easily get solutions.

St. Joseph also recommends himself and our angels as whom we can seek to act as intercessors for us to our creator. Building faith and trust in the lord also attracts God in our homes for he will always be there even before we ask of him.

Backing Up Your Website

Your life too is susceptible to collapsing if you do not back it up through God at all times. Lift up your joys, sorrows, frustrations and triumphant moments to him and glorify His name in all things.

Having a steady connection with God enables you to overcome all challenges that strike your life and homes. Entrusting him with your homes makes you certain that you are always protected from danger and limitless provision to your family.

In cases where your plans to improve your lives fail due to challenges, St. Joseph comes to you pass you a message that God is waiting for you to back up your life through him. Therefore, you will endure through any problem that comes at you. Although St. Joseph offers to guide you through life, he says that challenges looming in is inevitable hence the need to consider backing it up through your creator. 

Developing A Good Connection With God Your Host

With God in our lives, we will triumph over any hindrances that delay our progress. There is the need to have a connection with him to communicate to him of the progress we are making in our homes and lives. God does not approve of suffering to those who have accepted to follow his word. One who makes efforts to follow Christ, invites God in their life. 

St. Joseph urges you that to fulfill the purpose you are destined to on earth, it is essential if you considered establishing or strengthening a relationship with God. You will achieve so if you abide to his word and allow his son reside in your heart. He further encourages you to make it habitual to pray so that that connection will remain steadfast. A connection with God your host calls for his presence in your life and home and it gives an assurance that you will at all times be at peace and have a solution to all your troubles. Having a solid connection with your creator today has everything happening in your favor. St. Joseph encourages you to petition your needs to your host and he will respond in accordance to his will. 

Prayer for St. Joseph’s Intercession

“Dear St. Joseph, I feel blessed to have you intercede through to God my host over my life.

I appreciate the times you come to me to pass me a message on the need to have a relationship with God.

I feel safe in my own home knowing that you are always by my side ready to correct me when I am about to make a mistake so you know of the repercussions it will have on me.

I wish that I will never do something that will make you leave me. I hope to be directed closer to my creator and do acts that will deepen my connection with him.”

🙏 Amen 🙏

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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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