St. Nicholas – Donate to Society

Coming to you today is the patron saint of generosity, Saint Nicholas, who is here to let you know of the need to donate to society if you are in a position to do so.

If your immediate neighbor is suffering from insufficiency, and you have in abundance, why wouldn’t you share with them?

Saint Nicholas is urging you to be generous to the needy because generosity is not only a way of satisfying the needs of the people of God but also a way of making them be thankful to him.

The Best Way to Contribute

Donations can be given in forms of money, food, clothes to those in need depending on the inadequacy they are experiencing. However, the best way to contribute to God is by offering our time and energy.

Time is one of the most precious commodities which we are given freely by God and expected to make the best out of it. As we begin each day, we should be committed to commence with a prayer asking God to help as we make the best out of the time he has given us on yet another day. 

Additionally, he is telling us that we should plan our day so that we can discern which time we have the best of our energy to help us use it on him as part of our contribution to him.

Faith is paramount in one’s spiritual journey and you all vary in the levels of faith each of you holds. The best way to contribute your donation to God is by increasing your faith in him day by day. He is fascinated to see you have hope in him that everything will be okay even when you are experiencing hardships.

Also, the patron saint of generosity wants you to give your God contribution by accepting Christ in your hearts. He wishes that you could give the Lord your lives and make him in charge of them. By making these contributions, you will draw you closer to him, attracting plenty of blessings.

Changing Lives with Charity

Offering financial assistance to someone in need for instance to pay for their medical bills through charity is a gift that changes their lives. Consequently, one would use charity to serve our creator and to serve God is to serve others.

Always practice the greatest commandment God gave us that we should love our neighbors just as God loves us. Before we change other people’s lives, service to God begins in our families where we should in love give ourselves to them. Also, to help spread the gospel of the Lord, we serve him through offering our tithes and offerings in churches.

Anyone who takes part in serving others, is confident that they will receive eternal life. God said that those who live with him must love and serve his children and for one to serve God, you must have been into salvation- accepting Jesus to free you from sin. When you become generous in donating which serves the lord, you will prosper for he will make sure he sees that you are rewarded.

Giving From the Heart

Genuine donation is one that is made from the heart and one not one meant to show off. God is captivated by one who is humble, gives from the heart and not under compulsion. Generally, when you do anything from the heart, you draw God to you.

If you purely accept Christ in your heart without pretense, you attract the Lord and his blessings too. You should all purpose to make God’s heart happy in everything you do. We do this by spending time in his presence which is achieved by reading his word, thanking and praising his name as well as listening to his voice. 

The satisfaction of the acceptance of the answers we get when we make petitions to the Lord and in the provisions he gives us requires one to give their hearts to God. When you give your heart to the Lord he blesses with things that are of more value than what you asked for in his own time. Trust and have faith in the Lord that all your supplies will overflow your cup in due time and you will never lack at any time in your life. Delight in him and all your heart’s desires will be met.

Spread Generosity and Kindness

One would choose to keep things they no longer need for future use but because of their generosity and kindness, they donate them. This is what God wants us to do from the heart and not when forced for he loves a cheerful giver.

Spread generosity by giving your money freely and sacrificially since the word of God cautions one against using all their finances on their own. Just as how we were shown kindness by being forgiven through Christ’s death, is much the same as how we should be kind enough to forgive those who have wronged us.

Life holds unanticipated activities and that is why we ought to give God our lives and build hope that all we need will come from him. When we spread our generosity to others, we prove our trust in the Lord rather than our riches.

God has shown us his generosity and kindness in many ways even when we forget to serve him and therefore, we should have the same spirit in us to others. His generosity will last forever, his commitments to us will be fulfilled, his intentions towards us are perfect and the surety that Christ will come back for us one day.

Prayer to Saint Nicholas

“Dear patron saint of generosity, thank you for teachings on joys of charity and the call of helping others in need.

Whilst I do not own the most assets or possess biggest bank account,
I take joy in sharing what I have with those around me.

Help me share with those who need my donations.

I trust in your intercession that I may have sufficient to give to those without.

And spread the light of Christ everywhere I go.

I beseech you to give me a heart of giving so that I will not have to be intimidated to charity, as our Saviour has taught us.

St. Nicholas, pray for us,”


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