St. Michael – Your Life Protection Plan Revealed

The great defender and protector who battled Lucifer and won comes to you today to let you know that he is always looking out for you even when you think you are alone.

There are moments that life pushes us down and we distance ourselves from others as well as feel like it is the end of the road for us. If you are feeling like dropping your sword because your enemies have the higher edge at the present moment and you feel that they are winning, your guardian angel is informing you that you ought to hang in there since he is by your side. 

The Quest For Life Protection

In Luke 12:16-21, Jesus tells a parable about a rich man who had such a big bumper harvest that he had no place to store them. He then decided to build bigger barns to store them all for himself.

He lost himself by partying and making merry, but did not give praise to God nor help those around him. Unfortunately, he passed on that night and was chastised by the Lord.

Jesus referenced this story as an example of what might happen to people who store their treasures only for themselves and are not rich towards God.

Many are the times we work very hard to accumulate much to insure our survival here on earth. Like the rich fool in the parable, we insure our earthly life and forget to insure our heavenly life. Material wealth distracts us from realizing that we ought to store our treasures in heaven and insure our souls with God.

Archangel Michael understands very well that Lucifer is on a mission to deceive us and rob us of the opportunity to share in eternal life with God. Your guardian angel is assuring you that as you embark on a quest to protect and insure your soul with God, he will always be with you to help you in winning the battles. 

Drafting A Great Life Plan

Without planning, our lives will be disorganized and we will always find ourselves idle. When we have no plans, it is very easy for others to use us as instruments to actualize their plans.

This often results in the devil sabotaging our lives by making our idle minds his workshop. St. Michael is reminding you that you have a purpose on this earth hence it is wise to draft your life on the foundation of accomplishing it.

When you are busy actualizing your life plan, you will be insured from being used by Lucifer for his mission. If you are yet to discover your purpose on earth and yet to get clarity on the path to walk on, your guardian angel is willing to help you understand it better and grow.  

Spiritual Disability Insurance

We all dread accidents and situations that would make us incapacitated. We spend too much to insure our body parts that we feel are essential to our lives. Football players insure their legs, artists insure their hands and singers insure their throats.

A question is posed in Mark 8:36, “What would it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” Although it is important to insure our bodies against unforeseen risks, the most important disability insurance is to insure our souls. Failing to insure our souls while we insure our bodies is equivalent to refugees draining their lifetime savings to build permanent homes in their temporary residences.

The greatest disability is losing our souls at the luxury of our bodies. Your guardian angel is urging you to take care of your inner self as much as you take care of your body. When you are not sure of how to insure the soul, your angel will always show you the way, just seek his help.  

Finally, Archangel Michael assures you that you can always confide in him and seek his help when the battles you are fighting become overwhelming. 

Before you think of giving up and extinguishing the flickering flame in your life, your angel is informing you of his presence and role in your life. As a warrior angel, you can insure your life with him and he will be sure to take care of you and protect you throughout as well as guarantee victory.

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