St. Anthony – Compensation for Loss

St. Anthony comes to us today to deliver a hopeful message on the concept of loss. We are all well acquainted with the idea that life sometimes gives and takes away. We lose things constantly, not just in the physical sense of losing an item, but also more important things like friendships, family and loved ones.

For most lay people, losing something or someone precious to them is all the more painful because they may never be reunited them again. However as children of the risen Lord, our belief gives us strength because we know that eventually we will be reunited with every thing that we love and need in God’s kingdom.

Today’s message reminds us not to weep or be incapacitated at the idea of losing things, for God’s compensation will be great and generous. Every thing that we are experiencing in life is merely preparing us for the divine reconciliation of our Heavenly Father.

He hears our pain and restores us like no other. Every time we suffer damages or lose something dear to us, God will console and compensate us with the promise of something greater.

Saint Anthony approaches us today to tell us that whilst everything on earth is at risk of being swept away with time, our relationship with God is the one thing that we will never lose. We are thus called to endeavor to seek Him for comfort, strength and guidance. He will be our pillar in the good times and the bad, and His love will know no end.

There Is No Loss in the Lord

As the saint who guides us in recovery of lost things, Saint Anthony wants you to know that when you turn to the Lord in humility & faith, you will have nothing to lose, but instead an everlasting stream of abundance to be won.

Our experiences in life my test us at times, but we have the entire host of heaven to rely upon for help in our times of need.

Today you are to call upon the Lord and lift up to Him all your struggles and pain. This could be any of the following:

  • The loss of friends or loved ones
  • Uncertain financial circumstances or loss of money
  • Suffering from lack of health or well-being
  • Missed opportunities in life
  • Losing items that are precious to us
  • Losing spirituality and trying to find the way

In God we will find recovery and renewed salvation. Look to him and he will grant us the physical, mental and spiritual nourishment to recover any of the things that we have lost, and to replace our pain with springs of joy and blessings.

St. Anthony is giving a wake up call to all believers to seize the moment and not squander any precious time on this earth. With each passing minute we have the opportunity to spread love, joy, peace and cherish our loved ones wholeheartedly. Our time on this earth is limited and too short to be spent worrying about the pain we have experienced in the past.

The Lord draws near to the broken hearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Blessed are those who mourn as they will be comforted. These are some of the rewards that God has promised to all those who trust in him and suffer through any losses as they lead through life. Only the Lord’s divine might is capable of healing all the ailments of our soul and bring us to renewed life. He has promised to make plans for us to prosper and share in His abundance.

God’s Prevention from Any Harm against You

The Lord is my shepherd;
there is nothing I shall want.
Fresh and green are the pastures
where he gives me repose.
Near restful waters he leads me,
to revive my drooping spirit

Our Heavenly Father is constantly leading us through life and fending of the darkness, but in order for us to fully be connected with His blessings we must first fully subject ourselves to Him in faith and devotion.

For protection against calamities, disasters, accidents and injury, God sends His mightiest saints to keep constant guard over us. And when we experience the pain of loss, He will grant comfort and recovery to make right all that we have suffered.

He will at all times be in your spirit to alert and warn you of the plans made by the evil of harming you by keeping your life. He promises to get rid of any obstacles on your path that delays your progress in life. No damage will occur to anyone who has sort refuge in his name as it is instilled with power. He is waiting on you to call on it and he will answer. 

God Will Avert Your Pain

We are subject to pain for as much as we are living on earth. To avert this pain from rejection from our loved ones, delays, and disappointments, or hardships, we rely on the strength of our Father. If you suffer for doing good and you persevere through it, then God will compensate you as this is commendable to him. 

Saint Anthony pleads that we do not harbor vengeance within our hearts to those who have caused us pain, for such hatred only serves to wreak more harm on ourselves in the end.

Just as we are reminded of the great pain and suffering that Christ had endured for our sake, because of our sins. The greatest revenge we can administer against the evil one is to live a life rich in love, prosperity and abundance in God.

Before God fulfills his promise of holding our pain, be enlightened that he knows of it and he says that there is a purpose for every pain. He wants to use the pain to bring to himself the glory where eventually, he will compensate us. Hold on to God and find joy amid your suffering for something nice, one that you had the least expected, will come out of it. 

Prayer to Saint Anthony

“Dear Saint Anthony, I take great joy and comfort in the promises of the Lord.

Comfort us and heal us in our pain.

Intercede on our behalf that we may recover the things that are most precious to us.

Draw us closer to God each day, that we may be worthy to lay claim to the eternal compensations that the Lord has planned for us.

Help us to lead lives rich in love and the Spirit.”


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