Archangel Ariel – Making God Your Insurer In The Cycle Of Life

Sent to you today is the great earth caretaker, the beautiful and caring Archangel Ariel to bring healing into your life. She is reminding you that God is bigger than the challenges you face so make Him your sole insurer.

Insuring Life With Love

In the cycle of life, we are called upon to love God, ourselves, and others so that we can enjoy the journey. The love God has for us is too much that it is enough insurance for our lives. When we love God, we allow Him to take charge and lead us along the path He knows is best for us.

By submitting to Him, we are certain that we have life protection.  Whenever you feel your love for God declining, remember that it is necessary to restore your first love with Him so that you are covered and hidden under His wing – thus guaranteed life insurance. On the other hand, failure to let God take over our lives means that we are prone to suffer losses when the risks we dread come knocking at our door.

We are reminded to love ourselves as a means of securing insurance since when we love ourselves, we are assured that our actions will be directed towards achieving our God-given purpose. When we love ourselves, we take good care of our bodies and earthly possessions by insuring them to minimize any unforeseen risks.

Your guardian angel is challenging you to love yourself enough to insure your soul with God. Obeying God’s commandments and trusting in Him are the premiums we have to pay to ensure our insurance with God remains valid.

On the other hand, we are mandated to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Loving others gives us the assurance that we will treat them with respect and in the end, please God. Your guardian angel is assuring you that love is not your weakness but your greatest source of strength.

Insurance Throughout The Cycle Of Life

A day without God is like driving a car that has no motor vehicle insurance along a risky path. The path is prone to accidents and if an accident occurs, the owner will have to bear the losses alone. The cycle of life is very short and its seasons can be compared to the unfolding of a single day.

Our birth happens at dawn and the world is excited to see us and looks forward to what purpose we have to accomplish on earth. We are considered a gift and we have to determine what happens to us for the rest of the day. The foundation that we are built on and the lessons we are taught determine how the day will turn out for us. If we are insured with faith and trust in God, we can be certain that our day will be successful and protected.

As the day progresses, it is a chance for us to grow up and utilize our talents. During the day, seasons may change from sunny to rainy and it is upon us to adjust accordingly. Without having God as our insurer, it may be difficult to know how to adjust to the changes. Being insured by Him will ensure we remain standing when the winds become too strong and the storms too fierce.

When evening comes, we get to wind up and start concluding on whatever we have been doing throughout the day. If we have no insurance with God, we may realize that we have achieved nothing and begin panicking since the day is almost coming to an end and we no longer have much time.

Finally, the cycle of life reaches twilight, when we have lived our lives and we are almost headed home. At twilight, there is nothing much we can do except wait for dusk since we no longer have the strength or the luxury of time. We most likely spend our twilight reflecting on how we have lived throughout the day.

Sometimes we appreciate that day and other times we may regret the happenings. Panic and regret will kick in if we never insured our lives with God but if we did, we will be at peace, and at dusk we will sleep in peace knowing that we lived well.

Archangel Ariel is assuring you that the path you are walking on is a good one and although people may make you think you are stupid for insuring your life with God, keep walking on that path and you will never have to regret it or panic when twilight comes knocking. 

Your Insurance Coverage Extends Beyond Life

As we journey through the cycle of life, we gain and lose many things along the way. Sometimes when we go through pain, and if we have not insured our trust with God, we tend to think that He has abandoned us. We may ask Him many questions on why He is allowing us to experience such kind of pain.

The greatest pain we experience is the loss of the people who are close to us and griefing them leaves a scar in our hearts. We tend to feel alone and abandoned which sometimes makes us distance ourselves from God. If we insure our lives with God, we are assured that after we die, our insurer will restore us.

Today Archangel Ariel is reminding us that God our insurer knows what is best for us since He is our father. Even when we experience pain and losses, it doesn’t mean that He loves us less.

Your guardian angel assures you that in moments you feel like the pain you are experiencing is too much to handle, just remember that God is preparing you for greater things and once you exercise patience, He will restore everything that you have lost tenfold. While you live, always remember that if you insure your life with God, you will receive benefits in the form of eternal life.

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