St. Augustine – By His Grace We Are Saved, And By His Grace We Shall Remain. Today You Will Cast Aside All Negative Addictions For The Lord’s Power Transcends All

Whether it be an addiction to negative behaviors, limiting mindsets, alcohol or other nefarious illegal substances, we are all on our individual road to recovery. But just because our redemption is individual, does not mean that we are alone in our journey.

In today’s message I want you to know that God does not judge us based on our worst, but by the faith that we carry even through the darkest of times. Though we are all susceptible to varying degrees of negative addictions in our lives, we must never accept that this is how we are meant to be. There is a everlasting remedy for all of life’s afflictions and we should never attempt to hide it all by partaking in alcohol or harmful substances just to try and “forget” the pain.

“This is what the Lord, the God of your father David, says: ‘I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; I will heal you.’ ” – 2 Kings 20:5

Christ, The Wonderful Counselor

As Philippians 4: 6-7 boldly puts forth, “Do not be nervous concerning anything, but instead in any circumstance, through devotions while being grateful, dedicate your appeals to your creator. Following the serenity of God which comes before understanding, will shield your minds and hearts in the name of Christ.”

Whilst addiction creates a pure fixation on negative influences to “feel better” or to “numb the pain”, there are ways in which you can reverse that negative energy into something truly useful. You just need the proper channel to divert your fiercest passions and desires to.

Hide not your pain away, but instead lift them up humbly to the Lord in faith and He will take your suffering away. He will never turn away those who seek his blessing. In Christ you are made whole, from the top of your head to soles of your feet, you will be renewed in the light of God.

“He will not let your foot slip—he who watches over you will not slumber”

– Psalm 121:3

Take wise counsel in the Word of the Lord and communicate to Jesus, the wonderful counselor, through prayer daily. In prayers we receive captivate blessings, peace, and enlightenment on the intentions of God towards your life.

Depend On the Word of Christ for Therapy

My Beloved, to free yourself from transgressions that allure you to a problematic and empty life, Christ’s teachings are the greatest form of therapy that you can receive. If we wish to be healed then we cannot expect to do so doing the same thing that we have always been doing. The divine power that comes from the Lord also has a spark in you, waiting to be called and activated.

Within you resides the power to overcome all with the strength of our magnificent God. You are loved and cherished in every fiber of your being. Take heart that God will always have you at heart even when the going gets tough. You need only to draw divine inspiration from the bible to supplement your needs and light the faith within you.

Comfort, understanding, peace and complete healing comes to all that have accepted his promises. If you have disregarded God’s presence in the past, today is a sign that God is ever-present in your life. He wants you to renew your relationship and be made whole. He wants to see you brimming with energy and a zest for life as you were before. And he will never forsake you.

Through reading the bible, God is talking to you and communicating his best interests to you. Make efforts to communicate back by sending your pleas to him. This kind of therapy will not only help break you from enslavements but also prepare you into a beginning that will see you achieve your dreams. As you commence a new chapter in your life, endeavor to receive therapy by connecting with God. His purpose of your life will align to the goals you’ve set.

Find Your Healing In The Name Of Christ

To mend oneself from an immoral life, you need only to acknowledge the name of Christ and its power over their lives. God gave up his son to death for the sake of the forgiveness of your sins and a restoration of the relationship between humanity and God.

Today, whenever you seek God for something through the name of his son, Christ, if at all it’s in accordance with his wish, it will be bestowed upon you. I am urging you to be glad and fascinated by this name because through it, you are capable of achieving all the dreams you’ve always had in your life. You are lucky to be among those who have been chosen to be alive today for the purpose of changing your ways and admit of the power that’s in Christ’s name. If you do so, consequently, your life will take a turn for the best and you’ll not suffer through difficulties in your life.

Be Confident In Yourself

As humans, it is easy for you to give up when you cannot seem to get over the addictions you are having in your life. However, as your saint, I am inspiring you to be confident that a transformation will traverse in your life. It doesn’t matter the time it will take to achieve so, but remember that God does not fail and his intention is for you to be at peace and satisfied in the world he has leased you.

To be certain that your efforts will table success, always have the Lord at your side while praying through Christ’s name. 

Let Us Pray

“Heavenly God, we admit that it is not possible to lead through life in your absence. We give you the honor and seek your directives in our life to free us from sin. Guard me against all addictions and sinful thoughts. Heal my mind and heart with your grace, and strengthen me in your wisdom. I pray that you may secure us a chance in eternal life. St. Augstine, pray for us. Amen.”

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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

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