Archangel Zadkiel – Repaying Our Debts with Forgiveness

Coming to you today is the divine guardian of freedom, benevolence and mercy, Archangel Zadkiel, to encourage you to let go of the past and forgive yourself.

Your guardian angel assures you that you are loved and along the path of life, he will be here to help you as your guide.

Whenever you are seeking the path to physical or mental healing, seeking a job that will help you accomplish your purpose through the utilization of your skills and talents as well as looking to establish a work-life balance, Archangel Zadkiel will be the angel to pray to and seek his guidance. 

Learning to Forgive Is The Debt You Have To Repay

As humans, we tend to feel guilty when we fall into temptation and go against what we stand up for. Whenever we make mistakes, we condemn ourselves and allow ourselves to feel inferior.

When we find we have been treading on the wrong path, our disappointment may result in quitting the journey as we begin to blame ourselves.

Today we are reminded that we owe unto ourselves forgiveness. We are human and sometimes we make mistakes, not because we intend to, but because of our human nature. This should not make us punish ourselves forever and ruin ourselves since we are loved by God. Before learning to forgive others, we ought to learn how to forgive ourselves so that we are in a position to love ourselves more. Forgiving ourselves means treating ourselves better and acknowledging that we are worthy of trying again.

Just as God forgives us when we sin against Him, we are required to pay the debt by forgiving those who do us wrong. When we forgive them, we increase our creditworthiness of receiving more blessings and favor from God.

On the other hand, failure to forgive makes us bitter defaulters and limits our blessings. Archangel Zadkiel is challenging you to allow yourself to pay the debt by forgiving yourself for your past mistake as well as forgiving those who have wronged you. Through forgiveness, your heart will be free from any bitterness that could consume you. 

Getting Your Loan Approved by God 

When we make our applications to God our lender through prayers, sometimes we have to wait for a period so that the heavenly bank may process our petition and make a decision on whether we are creditworthy.

During this waiting period, it is best we keep living our lives in ways that pleases God. This enhances our credit score, but is not a guarantee – we should understand that God’s decision has been duly analyzed based on our capabilities.

Sometimes when we receive a negative response, we tend to complain and curse the heavenly bank, forgetting that God’s analysis was based on us and not anyone else. Instead of looking at why we were denied and seeking to improve so that we can be granted in our next application, we blame the heavenly bank and lose trust in banking our lives with God.

Your guardian angel is assuring you that whenever you send your loan application to God, always let him respond according to His will and accept the outcome as it comes. There is always a reason why God has decided to prolong the loan approval – to spare you from hurting further and prevent you from lowering your creditworthiness. 

Breaking From The Shackles Of Debts By Those Who Have Hurt Us.

The people who hurt us obtain power over us and just like lenders, we are in their debt. Whenever we get hurt, we begin the healing process after accepting that we are hurt and we need to recover.

Failure to acknowledge that we are hurt and we need help leaves us trapped in the shackles of debt as those who hurt us continue to have power and control over us. As long as we do not accept to be vulnerable, we miss out on the opportunity to heal. The most difficult stage of the healing process is accepting that we are hurt and agreeing to journey on the path to recovery.

Today we are challenged to accept that we need healing whenever we get hurt. Failure to seek healing will see our wounds infected and it could result in complete damage in the long run.

When we accept healing, we embrace our scars as a symbol of our strength and take away the power of those who hurt us, and in the end, they can no longer hurt us. 

Your Archangel Zadkiel is assuring you that whenever you accept to heal and need his guidance, he will always be here to walk you through the process and help you shine despite  your scars. 

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